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Dave DriftlessThe obsession began as a wiry teen.

While the lovely young fillies would beg Dave to come out and play, he was up in his room with his books.

Asimov, Bradbury and Clarke were so prolific that he never ran out of options and Tolkien’s world was so complex that repeated readings were always on the agenda.

The affair progressed to compulsion with reading lists and wish lists and constant strategizing; eventually evolving on to hoarding so many volumes he could never hope to actually read them all. Alas, adult responsibilities intervened and the passion became quiet for many years. Despair not, as the old flame still smolders and lately the graying bibliophile has regained some of the old fanaticism, focusing on more mature, but equally nerdy topics.

It’s rare for a science, nature or history book to fail to pique his interest and he’s developed a new enthusiasm for writing about his reading experiences. It’s clear that this love affair was meant to last.

Dave’s Reviews

Image of Boneheads Cover

Boneheads: My Search for T. rex.

Digging in the Dirt... Author: Richard Polsky After spending some 65 million years buried in rock, Sue was unearthed in ...
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Image of Mycophilia Cover


My Kingdom for a Truffle... They’re everywhere!  Whether you realize it or not, fungi are present throughout the natural world ...
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Image of Raptor Red Cover

Raptor Red

Dinosaur Drama... Author: Robert Bakker One hundred and twenty million years ago, they were the predator kings and queens of ...
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Image of Incognito Cover


Mind Games... Author:  David Eagleman I don’t really keep track, but every so often I finish a book and realize ...
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The Last "Pagan" Emperor... Author: Gore Vidal Roman emperors have always been a great source for drama.  From Shakespeare to ...
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Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, The

Friendship and Slime... Author: Elisabeth Tova Bailey Sometimes great art can be the equivalent of a postage stamp.  Whether it’s ...
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Devil’s Teeth, The

Sharks, Terror and Bird Sh*t... Author: Susan Casey Imagine you’re in San Francisco, standing on the Golden Gate Bridge, gazing ...
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Catch Me If You Can

Chicks and Checks... Author:  Frank W. Abagnale I think it’s fair to say that anyone who writes their memoirs has ...
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Ripple Effect, The

Cool, Clear and Increasingly Scarce... Author:  Alex Prud'homme We need a lot of it for everything.  From the straightforward, like ...
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Swimming with Piranhas at Feeding Time

Please, You Go First... Author:  Richard Conniff Some animals get all the love.  Pandas, dolphins, tigers and horses are loved ...
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Thomas Jefferson

Man of Many Dichotomies... Author: Christopher Hitchens He’s one of the most important people in the history of the United ...
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Murder of the Century, The

Greed, Deceit, Mayhem and Yellow Journalism... Author:  Paul Collins In 1897, two boys find a tightly wrapped package floating in ...
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Extra Virginity

Culinary Crimes... Author:  Tom Mueller The genius who figured out that you could take hard, bitter little fruits and turn ...
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The Science of Squid... Author:  Wendy Williams They’re probably the original inspiration for the ancient belief in sea monsters.  At ...
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Dandelion Wine

Summer 1928... Author:  Ray Bradbury Summer.   Just the word evokes feelings of freedom and excitement when presented to the school ...
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Anarchy Evolution

Punk Rock Paleontologist... Author:  Greg Graffin It might be the opening line of a geek joke.  A paleontologist and a ...
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The Truth Will Set You Free... Author:  Sam Harris It’s all about the pickles.  In one of my favorite episodes ...
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Life Everlasting

Turning Death Into Life... Author:  Bernd Heinrich What happens to us when we die?  I’m not talking about heaven, hell ...
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Art of Drowning, The

No Lifeguard on Duty... Author:  Billy Collins Although I’m working on it, figuring that it’s an appropriate part of any ...
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Road to Valor

A True Sporting Hero... Authors:  Aili and Andres McConnon Sports hero biographies are almost as commonplace as reality TV shows.  ...
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