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Book vs. Movie

Book Vs Movie: The Shining

King v Kubrick Author: Stephen King Stanley Kubrick’s film edition of The Shining has long been one of my favorite horror movies. Its mood and atmosphere coupled with creepy imagery and high-end acting has captured many, except oddly Stephen King. The reason why becomes obvious when you read the book, which still has that same isolated paranoia but its own separate twist which is far more subtle and drawn out. My first reading of The Shining a few years ago left me lackluster and left the book being donated (a rarity for my hoarding style library). When my husband, though, [...]

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All About Emma Donoghue’s Room Movie

One of fall 2015’s most anticipated movies is Room, based on the psychological suspense novel by Emma Donoghue. We loved the book and can’t wait to see how the Room movie adaptation turns out. Here’s what we know about it so far! (Besides our book review, that is.) The U.S. release date is October 16, 2015. Watch the official teaser trailer and the second trailer. The director is Lenny Abrahamson (Frank). It stars Brie Larson as Ma, Sean Bridgers as Old Nick, and Jacob Tremblay as Jack. See the full cast list on IMDB. See the official Room movie website. [...]

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Book vs. Movie — The Princess Bride

True Love Always Wins The Story True love is the driving force behind The Princess Bride, a gentle spoof of the classic fairy tale.  In the picturesque country of Florin, the exceedingly handsome yet humble Westley and the extraordinarily beautiful Buttercup – having quietly pined for years – finally conjure up the courage to express their great love for each other.  But cruel fate intervenes, taking Westley far overseas where he tragically falls victim to the Dread Pirate Roberts.  Years pass by and the still mourning Buttercup has no choice but to accept the hand of the ethically challenged Prince [...]

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