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Chocolate Cream Pie Murder

Ex-Husbands and Just Desserts Author: Joanne Fluke Chocolate Cream Pie Murder starts by going back, all the way back to book 8 (Cherry Cheesecake Murder) in the series where Ross Barton (Hannah’s now ex-husband) makes his ill-fated appearance in her life when he directs a movie set in Lake Eden. Now, the film, Crises in Cherrywood, has received some unexpected acclaim and The Cookie Jar is slated to become the site of a star studded reunion. The good news – the newly betrayed Hannah has something to focus on besides her dissipated marriage and a town threatening vengeance on her dearly beloved. The [...]

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Summer 2019 Book Preview

It’s summertime, and the reading is good! Of course, this season is full of mysteries, thrillers, and romances for your beach-reading pleasure, and we’ve got lots of those in our list of summer 2019 books. But you’ll also find some literary fiction, memoirs, and essay collections to class things up a bit. Plus a hearty helping of time-travel, sci-fi and apocalypse fiction! Wherever your summer may take you — even if it’s just to the couch with a fan and an ice-cold drink — these hot new summer 2019 books are guaranteed to keep you busy until fall. JUNE Fall; [...]

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Spring 2019 Book Preview

The store shelves are overflowing with pastel-wrapped candy, while eyeballs, throats and noses everywhere are getting itchy and congested: it must be spring! So here’s a basketful of the freshest new books — fiction and nonfiction — to celebrate the new season. From true-crime history to near-future sci-fi to dystopian novels ripped from today’s headlines, there’s something here for every reader who’s just now emerging, bleary and yawning, from a winter hibernation. MARCH Before She Knew Him: A Novel (out now)Author: Peter Swanson There seems to be no end to the marital thriller trend, so who are we to stop? [...]

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