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Fresh from the Farm

Lisl Detlefsen’s Five Book Recommendations for AGvocates of All Ages By Laura Anne Bird How many authors do you know who live on a cranberry farm? I have one answer for you: Lisl Detlefsen. This writer of six children’s books is based in Cranmoor, Wisconsin on 1400 acres of rural land, 140 of which are dedicated to the cranberries themselves. (Detlefsen beautifully describes the booming, corralling, cleaning, and eating of this dark-red fruit in her aptly named Time for Cranberries.) While earning her degree in art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Detlefsen envisioned moving to a big city, but when she [...]

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Killer Clown

Methodical and Chilling: The Story of John Wayne Gacy, Jr Author: Terry Sullivan John Wayne Gacy Jr – many have heard the name and know the basics of the story, a serial killer, famous for stowing his dead victims in his own house, and conversely playing a clown for children’s charities, but the actual details are far more chilling and meticulously executed than the lore.  Killer Clown, despite its unfortunate B-movie name, is a serious and thorough account written by Terri Sullivan, the prosecutor in the famous 70s Gacy case. It begins with the disappearance of Gacy’s final victim and traces the [...]

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5 Great Books From 2017

Laura doesn't always get the chance to review the great books she reads, so here she recommends five you shouldn't miss from 2017.

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