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For Better and Worse

Some People Just Need Killing Author: Margot Hunt If someone hurt your child, would you kill them? If you knew you could get away with it, what kind of murder would you plan as recompense for lost innocence, a destroyed childhood, the deception of a friend looking for a chance to abuse the person you love most? Would there be such a thing as too far? Natalie Clark, famed and ruthless defense attorney, is confronted with these very questions. And she knows the answer right away. A cog in the broken justice machine, an attorney more concerned with getting her [...]

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Return of the Living Dead

I became an adamant fan of zombie horror in general and anything Night of the Living Dead in particular during early childhood. The old black and white movie just vibrated paranoia, a certain elemental human elegance intermixed with the baser instincts of cowardice and the need to survive. It’s a cult classic for a reason; it’s a story that covers all the bases in one night: what are we (really) and what can we become. Throw in a scary yet relatable premise, an ultimate psychological gut-punch with the dead, whom we loved, resurrected, broken, and out to get us and [...]

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Bones in the Attic, The

The Silence of Justice Author: Robert Barnard Former Soccer star and current moderate television and radio success, Matt Harper gets more than he bargained for when buying a cozy house in the small English village of Leeds. While exploring the attic with his would-be designer, some old and terribly tiny bones are revealed, heaped in a hidden corner. This house has its share of horrors, its unburied (perhaps un-mourned) secrets, and they somehow tie into Matt’s past, playing in this very village, near this house, discovering his love of soccer with the strange local children. Something unsettling churns in his [...]

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