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Dead in the Melon Patch

Dire Romances Author: Connie Feddersen Sexy divorcee Sheila MacAdo has taken a grisly tumble, ending her flirting days to the relief of many wives and girlfriends across Vamoose. Coincidence? Amanda thinks not. This isn’t her first rodeo, and something seems off about the tidy melon patch where the dearly departed rested impaled on a white picket fence. When Amanda starts doing her thing and everything from runaway cars to mail bombs comes her way, it quickly becomes obvious that this small-town CPA turned sleuth is on to something. Problem is, with Shelia’s spotted past, who didn’t want to murder her? As the third [...]

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Conqueror Worms, The

Worms, Ancient Monsters, and the Apocalypse Author: Brian Keene And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein [is] the breath of life, from under heaven; [and] every thing that [is] in the earth shall die. Genesis 6:17 Teddy Garnett has watched the rain fall, day and night, for forty-two days. Alone on his West Virginia Mountain home, the cell towers out, the power long gone, the world a soaking mess, he reads his Bible, does his crossword, waits, and wonders. When everyone else left Punkin Center with the National [...]

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Cloister Walk

Tell Me All Your Thoughts on God Author: Kathleen Norris This one has been sitting on one of my many bookshelves for years, and I’ve nearly picked it up several times only to get distracted or feel that the requisite spiritual mood wasn’t there. During this pandemic, which is horrific and sad for the world and yet oddly good for my extremely introverted, hermit-ish soul, I decided to do some catch-up and hit that pile of books I’d always wanted to read and yet never quite started. Kathleen Norris writes a rambling book, half poetry and half stream of consciousness [...]

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