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The Black Company (Chronicles of The Black Company #1)

Undead Mages, Centuries of War, and One Company In the Middle Author: Glen Cook In a dystopian land, far-far away, where were-leopards and undead mages come out to play, a centuries old mercenary company serves the side of good or evil, wherever the money is. These mercenaries, named the Black Company, are sometimes on the winning side of history, sometimes not. They are, however, always in the shadows. When their current liege lords are leading them down a slippery slope, and a new and mysterious proposition, read an-offer-you-cannot-refuse, comes along, their old masters find themselves unwittingly deceased and the dark adventure begins again, this [...]

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Kissing Christmas Goodbye

Digging Up Skeletons Author: M.C. Beaton Agatha Raisin is once again bored, and that is never a good thing when it comes to our adventure seeking, romantically immature sleuth. It may barely be into October, but Agatha is back on her dream of the perfect, story-book Christmas, complete with a reigniting of her languishing flame with James Lacey. Never mind that the Lacey fever is long gone. Agatha must have some romantic intrigue to break up the days of finding lost dogs and dealing with other plodding cases. Meanwhile, as Agatha plots another attempt at home cooking and a Christmas [...]

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Cross Roads

Proof That Tony Spencer Has a Heart Author: William Paul Young Tony Spencer is a man dedicated to winning, and by all outward appearances he has won big time. A successful businessman, he has single handedly built an empire, renowned for both its ruthlessness and its net worth. What most of the envious outsiders don’t know is that Tony is paranoid, shuttered away in secret, high-security homes, writing and re-writing wills, planning revenge for slights, both imagined and real, drinking his aged liquor and avoiding ever really addressing his cancerous loneliness. His empire is irrefutable, but the state of his [...]

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