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Ghost Story

The Most Hyped, Worst Story Author: Peter Straub The experience of reading Ghost Story reminds me of the old saying: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. When one of my horror book clubs opened voting for a ghostly book, I immediately picked Peter Straub’s Ghost Story. For one thing: it’s famous. Second, despite my horror obsession and numerous Straub books resting in various bookshelves and stacks across my house, I had never actually read anything by the author. Third, I had a super vague memory of liking the movie. The novel opens oppressively. We have a [...]

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Tiny But Mighty

How to Advocate for and Help a Vulnerable Cat Population Author: Hannah Shaw I’ve always loved cats, and when my husband and I finally had the space we decided to introduce some feline companions into our lives. We got four cats: two from a breeder, two from a shelter. It was an eye-opening experience, and I enjoyed adopting cats from a shelter so much that I decided to foster cats as well. When we moved to a new house we started caring for the neighborhood’s feral cats, welcoming a special feral (Garfield) with medical needs into our home. Between my fostering [...]

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War of the Species Author: Sue Burke Life on Pax continues; the colonists and Steveland, the sentient bamboo-like plant that originally colonized this world, are working through the fallout of their initial interactions with the Glassmakers and adapting to a new, diverse, but technologically impaired society. But life on earth 55 light years away – that’s entirely different. Earth may be a legend passed down through the Pax generations, but the scientists on a now very dystopian (and blood thirsty planet) have never forgotten the team sent to find something better in the stars. And now, they’re looking for them and [...]

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