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The Spread: The Stand

The Fungal Horror Continues Author: Iain Rob Wright The alien fungus has continued to spread across the world. Ryan, his younger brother Aaron, and a few rag-tag survivors from the church have a moment of hope when they run into the army, but soon it’s clear that the fungus is a global problem – one that the shrinking army can hardly contain. There is no such thing as safety. As Ryan and Aaron continue to hope that their friends and family in Manchester are alive and well, possibilities for escape dwindle. It will come to a harsh decision – abandon the [...]

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Cold Snap

Vikings, Victory, and Vices Author: Codi Schneider Before I recount this tale, an introduction. You may call me Bijou. Though Brynhild or Freydis would be more fitting because, despite my French name, I’m 100 percent Norwegian Forest cat. Possibly 99 percent. I know this because I have beautiful long fur. And the strength of ten bears. Also, I’ve earned exactly 103 tabby stripes of bravery. My ancestors, dear reader, were Viking cats. Rapturous specimens and decorated longship mousers possessed with the Ancient Bloat of Respect. That bloat now resides on me. Some might say I’m overweight, but I know better. This [...]

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Ghost Story

The Most Hyped, Worst Story Author: Peter Straub The experience of reading Ghost Story reminds me of the old saying: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. When one of my horror book clubs opened voting for a ghostly book, I immediately picked Peter Straub’s Ghost Story. For one thing: it’s famous. Second, despite my horror obsession and numerous Straub books resting in various bookshelves and stacks across my house, I had never actually read anything by the author. Third, I had a super vague memory of liking the movie. The novel opens oppressively. We have a [...]

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