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Valor’s Choice

Slow Paced Military Sci-Fi And Lizard Wars Author: Tanya Huff In a far distant future, the Star Trek like idiom of discovering new life forms has come full circle and humans are hardly the oldest or wisest entities to populate the far flung stars. Indeed, humans are one of the few species underdeveloped enough to still fight, and, for that reason, they are still needed. The Confederation is a coalition of sentient species across the universe who cohabitate and work with one another, and they are threatened by another federation, ominously known as the Others who seek nothing but destruction and [...]

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Thorn Birds, The

A Classic Story of Broken Innocence and Forbidden Love Author: Colleen McCullough The Thorn Birds, known to many from the epic mini-series of the early 80s, is a story of forbidden romance, heartrending choices, love verses duty, spiritual love vs earthly love, and the rugged splendor of Australia. It begins with the Clearys, a poor family living in New Zealand, barely keeping ends together as progressively more children are added to the brood (we count seven at the high point). This is not a childhood of playing and school, but one of instant labor and chores. Among these children there [...]

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Gone Dead, The

The Intentions of the Past Author: Chanelle Benz Billie Jean has a lifetime of secrets, and on this sultry Mississippi night, transformed from city girl to a desolate young woman in a falling down shack, she contemplates them and what answers her past and this weird inheritance have for her. Her father, famous black poet Clifton James, mysteriously died in his prime, back in 1972, after returning from the city to his Mississippi roots. Her white mother, James’ much neglected wife, died many years later in a fading battle with cancer. Neither parent left answers for their strange union, for [...]

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