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Lines Between Us, The

Mothers, Daughters, and Vows Author: Rebecca D'Harlingue It’s 1661 in Madrid; the Spanish Inquisition is going strong, and a good woman does not travel alone, much less a sixteen year old girl. But Juliana, if she wants to survive, has to escape her father’s wrath and find a new place for herself. Alone. Jump forward in time to 1992, where a packet of letters and an old diary open up a new understanding to Rachel, a grieving daughter who is still trying to understand her own mother’s secrets and the lines that have separated them. As she reads, she becomes swept [...]

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Mailman, The

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night. . . " Author: Bentley Little In a small Arizona town, just as summer vacation hits, the everyday routine is shattered when the beloved mailman is discovered, dead, with a shotgun in his mouth. No one knew he was suicidal. As the town mourns, the summer starts to turn strange. The peculiar new mailman, who goes by the name of John Smith, is too good to be true. Bills have stopped showing up and good news and long lost friends are popping up through the post. But this sudden change has [...]

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Animal Farm

"All men are enemies. All animals are comrades." Author: George Orwell Animal Farm is a political fable about human nature, the ultimate corruption of idealism by power. It starts with Mr. Jones, the drunken farmer hated by the animals he mistreats and uses. As Jones sleeps off another hangover in his farmhouse, the animals begin to talk, and one old pig describes a dream – a dream where animals are their own masters, where their toil produces benefits they can reap, and where all animals are equal. Soon, two other pigs, Napoleon and Snowdrop, champion transforming the dream into a reality. [...]

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