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Six Suspects

When Everyone Wants to Kill the Bad Guy . . . Author: Vikas Swarup Vicky Rai, powerful playboy and son of a corrupt politician, is hosting a flamboyant party in honor of his acquittal for cold blooded murder. The press isn’t happy. The Indian people aren’t happy. Many of his smiling guests aren’t happy, so when the millionaire playboy ends the evening with a bullet in his brain, it’s anyone’s guess who the opportunistic killer is. Six guests, all vastly different, are found toting the potential killing weapon. But which one actually killed Vicky? The glamorous Bollywood star? The down [...]

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Water for Elephants

Circuses, Old Age, and Love Author: Sara Gruen Jacob Jankowski has lost everything – both in the present and in his past. His story begins in a nursing home. At the age of 90 (or 93) he has no joy left, surrounded by a family who sees him as a duty, not a person. He is not understood and worse, his body and his faculties are failing. He can feel them slipping, day by day. All that remains is the past, but even as he begins remembering, that story is filled with loss too. It’s the great depression era and Jacob [...]

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Sea Change

Dinofalgellate Drama: When Pseudo-Science Thrillers and Horror Mixes Author: James Powlik What does a ghost ship of decomposing crew, a desiccated covey of sea-lions, a dead-zone in the ocean, nearly liquefied whales, and a few random, horrific hospital cases have in common? Dr. Ellie Bridges doesn’t have the full picture – she doesn’t know about the dead zone and the ship or about the dwindling marine life with the strange sores – but she does know about the little girl she couldn’t save, the cases in the Indian reservation, the swimmers who looked like they were dipped in acid. She [...]

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