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About Grace

About Hope Author: Anthony Doerr About Grace is a strange novel, equal parts despair and hope. The narrative is encapsulated in a snow globe type of world where the liminalities of the weather supply the beauty and ferocity that the hopeless characters can only appreciate but never attain. In this beautiful but destructive world where the transformations of water mean everything, we meet David Winkler, who is not fluid but merely staid, half in fear, half in the hope that he can change his own oddly set fate. As a child Winkler would sometimes see things before they happened such as [...]

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Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

Rules for Hermits? Author: Michael Finkel At the age of 22 Christopher Knight vanished from the world – on purpose – and wouldn’t emerge again until 27 years later. The Stranger in the Woods then is the true story of Knight, New England’s long famed hermit, a man oddly close to the world of vacationer cabins and the sights and sounds of regular social interaction, who terrorized the local population with thefts to keep him sated during the harsh winter months. The narrative is set as an expose of the whys and hows of such an incredible story. Knight, however, [...]

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Daredevil Volume 7

Daredevil Meets Up With B-Movie Monsters Author: Mark Waid Illustrator(s): Chris Samnee, Jason Copland, and Javier Rodriguez Following up on Daredevil’s previous adventure, the Man Without Fear continues his stand-off against the Sons of the Serpent, a white-supremacist group (think a less organized version of Hydra) that has invaded the justice system of New York all the way from the work-a-day cops to the courtroom. With the Serpents insinuating themselves ever further into the system, the stakes are mounting, all while Daredevil’s best friend and partner remains bed ridden post-chemotherapy. Along for the ride, the Jester joins the forces of [...]

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