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Flint the King

Version 1.0.0 One of the Best Dragonlance Adventures Authors: Mark Kirchoff & Douglas Niles It’s five years before the companions’ reunion, that fateful meeting in Otik’s tavern that sparks a shattering war between good and evil. Each of the companions, during this time, is off on their own adventures, and each is starting to see pieces of the evil to come. For Flint, he is returning to Hillhome. But he doesn’t get the warm welcome he expected. Instead, he finds his family grieving, his brother dead, his alcoholic nephew running amok, and mountain dwarves having breached a centuries old [...]

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Wrestling With Job 

A Basic Look at the Book of Job Authors: Bill Kynes and Will Kynes Job is one of the more difficult books of the Bible. In it, an innocent man suffers as the result of a bet between God and Satan. Job’s family is slaughtered. He loses all his wealth and his position in society. He even contracts a hideous disease that leaves him untouchable, isolated, sitting in an ash heap in extreme pain. The question that arises during this onslaught of escalating events is why do good people suffer? Why does God allow it? The answer: there isn’t one, seemingly. [...]

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Coffin County

Terrible Twists and Sloppy Shocks Author: Gary A. Braunbeck Coffin County is book four in Gary A. Braunbeck’s increasingly weird, irreverent Cedar Hill series. In this volume, a gruesome killer is on the loose, massacring diners to live out his destiny, constantly seeking his own death only to return and wreak carnage. The killer, however, has an affinity for the grieving cop on the case, leading him into a dark night of the soul that provides just as many questions as it does answers. I came to the Cedar Hill series through a random eBay book lot many years ok. I [...]

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