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Collective, The

Justice or Murder? Author: Alison Gaylin Have you ever wanted revenge so desperately, that you didn’t care about the costs? Have you ever wanted justice to the degree that it consumes your every day, and all your thoughts are of bloody death, of tearing away life and happiness as it was torn away from you? For Camille Gardner, this desire is more than an obsession. It’s a trap. Camille’s grief became rage. She lost her daughter to a careless frat boy, who raped her and left her to die in the snow. But the world sees only a glowing boy with [...]

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Last Word

A Review To Die For Author: Taylor Adams Taylor Adams has proven himself yet again in The Last Word; he is a master of the thriller, of the suspenseful, twisting narrative with shocks and surprises, of deeply wounded yet empathetic characters caught in wildly escalating situations that, somehow, we breathlessly believe. In this story, we have an ominous grey beach, waves pounding relentlessly on shore. It’s off season, only a few residents remain. Among them is Emma and her dog, Laika. Emma is house-sitting, and she likes the solitude, the aloneness. It’s perfect for what she has in mind. Her [...]

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Sleeping Giants

Alien Secrets, International Intrigue, Rouge Teams Author: Sylvain Neuvel It starts in the US, in a little town in South Dakota, but then it goes worldwide. It begins with a cryptic hand – a giant glowing hand, coming out of the earth, covered in words from an ancient language. What powers this hand? What does it mean? Where is it from? How did it suddenly rise above the soil to be found? And where, most importantly, are the other pieces of this giant body? When assembled, will the robotic entity be used for good or evil? The US is involved, and [...]

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