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Sleeping Giants

Alien Secrets, International Intrigue, Rouge Teams Author: Sylvain Neuvel It starts in the US, in a little town in South Dakota, but then it goes worldwide. It begins with a cryptic hand – a giant glowing hand, coming out of the earth, covered in words from an ancient language. What powers this hand? What does it mean? Where is it from? How did it suddenly rise above the soil to be found? And where, most importantly, are the other pieces of this giant body? When assembled, will the robotic entity be used for good or evil? The US is involved, and [...]

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Nine Perfect Strangers

Wellness Resorts Gone Wrong Author: Liane Moriarty Nine strangers are looking for ten restorative days in a fancy health resort. The illnesses range from the physical to the emotional. Each person is seeking an easy fix, a bit of pampering, a rest. Frances Welty, a-has-been romance novelist recuperating from an embarrassing Internet boyfriend scam and a bad editorial review, is seeking some time at the resort to fix her broken heart, make some friends, and get a little TLC. Dropping a few pounds and getting over this menopause thing – with all of its accompanying indignities – would be nice too. [...]

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Murder on the Mountain Author: Amy McCulloch Cecily Wong is a journalist famous for failure, and this is her last chance at redemption. Her ex-boyfriend, also a journalist, was always seeking the greatest thrill. The biggest mountain, the hardest challenge. He is the one who told her about the famous mountaineer, Charles McVeigh, who is climbing eight mountains over eight thousand feet each without supplemental oxygen, without the help of ropes, all in one year. Charles is about to finish his own self-imposed challenge on the last, easiest mountain: Manaslu. Even beginners can tackle this mountain. Now, Cecily is on that [...]

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