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Intern, The

Corrupted Justice Author: Michele Campbell What happens when you get your dream job, but you must jeopardize it for your family? What happens when the family in question is your screw-up brother, and you’re the hard working, good kid, the one who is always left behind to pick up your brother’s mess? Madison Rivera is faced with this very quandary before she even gets her elusive internship with world-famous judge Kathryn Conroy. Madison is an up-and-coming law student. She’s worked hard for everything she has ever gotten, and now it is starting to pay off. But her brother was recently caught [...]

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No Exit

Survivor or Savior? Author: Taylor Adams Darby Thorne’s world has been turned upside down. She’s never been the best daughter, the best person. And now, it’s probably too late. She’s speeding through the night in her beat-up Honda, phone charger forgotten, no snow tires, trying to get to her dying mother’s bedside in time to say goodbye, to say that she is sorry. As the record-breaking snowstorm increases, Darby is forced to pull over at an unknown rest stop. She cannot go any further. She cannot get a cell signal. She cannot even find out if her mother is still alive. [...]

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Writing Retreat, The

A Self-Aware, Self-Serving Mess Author: Julia Bartz Alex hasn’t been able to write for a year, not since she stopped being friends with Wren, since their disastrous, bloody split. Now, Wren is doing better than ever, and Alex is left alone, hopeless, watching her life devolve. What she needs is new scenery, an artistic opportunity, a creative impulse to rescue her. Enter Roza Vallo, shocking feminist author icon. Roza’s known for not taking any shit and for writing darkly sexual, lesbian themed books that unravel the broken spaces between friendship and lust, all while sticking it to the patriarchy. Roza, in [...]

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