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Mountain Laurel

A Christian Romance that Examines the Horrors of Slavery Author: Lori Benton Ian Cameron is disgraced, haunted, semi-wild, and he is returning home to his family’s plantation, Mountain Laurel, to help his ailing uncle and serve as an heir. It’s a duty he cannot avoid. One he is not comfortable with undertaking. He doesn’t belong with his family. He does not want to own slaves, much less a slave plantation. To make everything more complicated Ian’s friend, Thomas, is posing as his slave and has a scheme up his sleeve that will only cause more dissention. When Ian arrives, he is [...]

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Craven Manor

Mystery Manors & Creepy Employers Author: Darcy Coates Daniel is desperate. He has been living with his cousin for months, and that situation is only becoming more strained. He is depressed, unemployed, and looking for any opportunity. So when a mysterious note with a gold coin finds its way under his door, he slides his questions aside and bikes to a remote area where a dilapidated manor, complete with crypt, overgrown garden, and newly repaired groundskeeper’s shed, awaits him. His job: return the empty place to its former glory. There are rules though: don’t go out after midnight, don’t answer any [...]

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Revolutions and the Aftereffects Authors: George R.R. Martin & Lisa Tuttle In the early mornings while she and her mother comb the beach for their survival, Maris is distracted by the fliers. They swoop through the air, elegant human figures born aloft by the last of a gone age – the sails of a long-ago crashed spaceship refashioned into splendid wings. The fliers alone are free. In this world it is all islands, wind, and isolation, but the fliers link the people. They battle the elements. They soar. They bring news and gifts and connect a brutal world filled with sea [...]

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