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Praying the Bible

An Effective Way to Reenergize Your Prayer Life Author: Donald S. Whitney Praying the Bible is a simple, straight-forward book about a complicated, multi-faceted topic. While the Bible tells Christians to pray without ceasing, and some of the bastions of our faith seemed to do this effortlessly (like the Apostal Paul), the rest of us are left in a rut. We know we should be better. We should want to pray, and our prayers should be more dynamic than, as Whitney notes, “saying the same old things about the same old things,” but honestly, they’re not. Prayer is the proverbial elephant [...]

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Dead Lake

The Dead Do Not Rest Here Author: Darcy Coates Sam is grieving for her mother. She wasn’t paying attention. She missed all the signs. She was focused on her art, her big break at a prestigious gallery, her first show. She was focused and planning. And now, now she is alone.  Her mother is gone, and the show is in a week. She doesn’t have any paintings, any ideas, just a sense of guilt, a distaste for something that once consumed her, and the needling feeling that she should try anyway, that she cannot throw away this once-in-a-lifetime chance. And so, [...]

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Midnight Meat Train, The

A Classic Horror Short Story Author: Clive Barker The Midnight Meat Train is my first encounter with Cliver Barker in book (ok, short story) format. It was chosen as the monthly read by one of my horror book clubs, and focuses on a famous story (The Midnight Meat Train) written by Baker in 1984 and included in his Books of Blood collection. This story garnered quite a following, and many tried to repeat its gory glory and bring it to the big screen. That finally happened, with Barker fully onboard and participating. As such, the special edition of this book includes [...]

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