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Last Tale of the Flower Bride, The

The Door You Might Not Open, and You Did Author: Roshani Chokshi He has spent his life living in and studying dreams. Dreams of a missing brother, sucked into a wardrobe never to return. It was then, as a child, that he knew fairy tales and myths were real. And ever since then, he has followed them, studied them. Enter his future wife, Indigo Maxwell-Casteñada, a woman whose lush beauty and wealth are the stuff of legends. She too loves a good fairy tale, the more violent, the more unsettling, the more gothically beautiful, the better. The pair, with their secrets [...]

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Queen of Nothing, The

Of Snakes, and Exiles, and Queens Author: Holly Black The rise to power often results in a devastating fall. No one knows this better than Jude Duarte. She is back, exiled in the mortal world, a queen in name only. Her secret marriage to Cardan – and everything it was going to ensure – is now more than useless. It’s a cruel joke. The final parry in a game played for keeps. And Cardan won. Jude’s depression won’t keep the wolf from the door, however, and her stint in the world of faerie with The Shadow Court, an amalgamation of assassins [...]

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In the House in the Dark of the Woods

A Dark, Beautiful Fairytale Author: Laird Hunt Once upon a time, long, long ago a woman goes into the dark forest to pick berries for her husband and son only to get lost. Known only by the title of an average old timey wife and mother, “Goody” seeks the road home. Along the way she encounters progressively weirder sights and finally an old woman in a small house who grants her respite, comfort, and bizarre dreams of magic and dark things in the forest.  As Goody works her way through the surreal landscape, puzzling together her quest, an ancient scream at [...]

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