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Infestation & Madness Author: Ben H. Winters Boy meets girl. Boy and girl have adorable daughter. Girl quits job to be an artist. Girl insists they move. Boy and girl find suspiciously low priced, perfect apartment. Girl goes mad. Horror ensues. It’s the old, old story, no less enjoyable because we like that old story. What is better than a too-good-to-be true apartment with an eccentric landlady, a locked basement, a disturbing smell in the perfect artist-nook room, and paranoia inducing imaginary bugs on a mission? Susan, the wife in the story, has quit her job, with her husband’s approval, to [...]

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Wednesday’s Child

Community Secrets and Unlikable Characters Authors: Deborah and Joel Shlian Leigh Novak has left the stress of a city emergency room and the fallout of her husband’s suicide behind, moving herself and her struggling young son, Jeremy, to a small town in northern California. Leigh is taking over from the current town doctor, sliding into what she presumes will be a low stress, easy life. When she shows up on her first day to find the old doctor in a coma, however, things go from bad to worse. After loosing her first patient, a young child that she should have been [...]

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My Heart is a Chainsaw

“Is it really winning if everybody dies?” Author: Stephen Graham Jones Jade Daniels is your proverbial, never-going-to-fit in teenager living in a small town. She’s stigmatized both by her heritage and her abusive, shiftless father. So, she seeks solace in the only place that she can find: bloody, eviscerating, slasher horror. Part of this horror obsession, of course, is a survival instinct. If you cannot escape the darkness, you might as well love it. Another part of the fixation is a hope for salvation through revenge. After all, every slasher out there has a backstory, and most of those stories show [...]

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