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Come With Me

Grief, Ghosts, and The Trail of a Killer Author: Ronald Malfi Do you ever really know anyone? The question has subsumed Aaron Decker’s life. After his wife’s murder, Aaron begins to uncover a darkness about her, a secretiveness. It starts with a leftover receipt from a motel they never went to and culminates in the hidden files (and the gun) she kept in their closet. Who was Allison, really, and what did she know? What was she ultimately capable of doing? Beset by a haunting grief and the actual ghost of his wife, Aaron stumbles onto something deeper than an affair [...]

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Dead Girls Club

Killing Secrets Author: Damien Angelica Walters There was a time in Heather’s life when, like most children, she was obsessed with gruesome stories: serial killers, death and dismemberment, witch hunts, and more. The sly stories, half fable, half truth, drew Heather and her tight knit group of friends together. Story-time was a place of imagination and respite. But none of it was real . . . or was it? Heather’s best friend and the leader of the club, Becca, can only think about the Red Lady, a witchy figure, murdered and desperate for revenge. It started as a tall tale and [...]

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Dance of the Dead

Of Zombies and Love Author: Christie Golden Larissa Snowmane is the lead dancer on La Demoiselle du Musarde, a riverboat that travels the dangerous mists, port to port, bringing entertainment. Growing up onboard this boat, Larissa only vaguely remembers her father, a man who abandoned her. Captain Dumont has taken his role as her defacto uncle seriously, however, and despite the rough ports La Demoiselle frequents and some of its less than savory business, Larissa has maintained her innocence and naïve trust. But it’s time for her to grow up, because Dumont has bided his time. He wants Larissa as [...]

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