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Craven Manor

Mystery Manors & Creepy Employers Author: Darcy Coates Daniel is desperate. He has been living with his cousin for months, and that situation is only becoming more strained. He is depressed, unemployed, and looking for any opportunity. So when a mysterious note with a gold coin finds its way under his door, he slides his questions aside and bikes to a remote area where a dilapidated manor, complete with crypt, overgrown garden, and newly repaired groundskeeper’s shed, awaits him. His job: return the empty place to its former glory. There are rules though: don’t go out after midnight, don’t answer any [...]

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When the Lights Go Off, the Beasts Rise Author: Mike Bockoven FantasticLand has the power and pull of Disney World. Constructed and sustained against all odds by one eccentric man with a vision, it’s a place where you can see pirates and fairies, robots and rides, and every kind of merch you could think of or want. The theatrics are impressive, the vision against the grain, the break through imagination and scope of creation unparalleled. The only problem? FantasticLand is sitting right in the path of a hurricane and, Jurassic Park style, no one is paying attention. Queue bad management, last [...]

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Lost Village, The

Abandoned Villages & Sinister Secrets Author: Camilla Sten There is a secret in Alice Lindstedt’s family, and she cannot let it go. In 1959 in the quaint, postcard perfect Swedish mining village of Silvertjarn all the inhabitants disappeared. Later, two men entering the town found a dead woman bound to a pole and an infant who was left crying in the deserted school. No one else was ever found. What could have happened that left the cheerfully colored houses abandoned, tables still set for dinner, a brutalized body in the town square? Alice’s grandmother and entire family had lived in that [...]

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