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Road, The

More Travels with the Fungus Author: Iain Rob Wright In this fourth addition to Iain Rob Wright’s The Spread series, the situation for human survival has become dire. The fungus from space continuous to spread. It has infected most of humanity, and the remaining bastions of survivors are turning feral, turning on one another. As Aaron and the remaining group from Choirikell continue to debate staying with the army or striking out on their own, Ryan’s fiancé and his mother set out on the road. The story goes back and forth between these two groups, revealing both the beautiful and the [...]

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In Space, Can They Hear You Scream? Author: David Wellington Paradise-1 is Earth’s first deep space colony. It’s a new start, a new opportunity for many. Firewatch inspector Alexandra Petrova, Captain Parker, and Doctor Lei Zheng all think that they are a part of a routine mission to check-in on the planet. This mission is either a demotion or a warning. Or so they think. When they are awoken from cryo-sleep by the ship’s sentient robot, Rapscallion, to discover that the Artificial Intelligence has gone insane and a bevy of ships orbiting Paradise-1 are attacking, it quickly becomes obvious that this [...]

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Silver Nitrate

B-Movie Bad Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia Montserrat is a bisexual nerd-girl working in a man’s world. She’s the best sound editor in Mexico City in the 90s, but she is constantly overlooked, underrated, and underestimated. Her best friend, sometimes enemy, Tristán, is a washed-up soap-opera star who jaunts from one (also bisexual) relationship to another, constantly seeking self-edification and his next big chance. Together, the two are mostly alone in the world, drawn together by a shared childhood, getting fast food and booze late at night, and slamming everything about each other in a truly toxic way. Enter Tristán’s new BFF. Retired [...]

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