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Sister, Maiden, Monster

An Extreme Horror End-of-the-World Story Author: Lucy A. Snyder Sister, Maiden, Monster is a truly weird book – a splatter-fest of lesbian sex, woke politics, cannibalism, Christian-bashing, and the apocalypse, H.P. Lovecraft style. At turns I both hated and loved it. Meanwhile, as Erin is slowly morphing into something ungodly, and somehow eating her girlfriend’s brain during sex and not killing her, another woman across town is about to have her own weird experience. Savannah is a type 5 – a slayer. She’s got a message from the gods, who speak in her head, mostly through a dead monk. It’s her [...]

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Monsters in the Graveyard, Possessed Children, and Haunted Fathers Author: Ania Ahlborn Jack Winter has been running for a long time. But the seeds planted in his troubled childhood in that old graveyard are still fertile, still churning beneath the soil to release a kernel of evil. Jack Winter is married now, not exactly happily. His rock star band dreams, once shared by his wife, are now a source of contention. Why can’t he get a real job? Why can’t they move out of this dump? But Jack’s two little girls are a delight. He loves them intensely, and maybe that’s [...]

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Usher’s Passing

Fall of the House of Usher - A Failed Retelling Author: Robert R. McCammon Usher's Passing is a dumb book, with a slightly interesting ending. It starts with famed horror author Rix Usher, who suffers from a mysterious malady and secretly wants to expose his family’s empire, Usher Armaments, through a tell-all book. Rix had left Usherland and the horrible influence of his father, but he has finally returned as the strange Usher disease is taking his father. Now he must deal with his fashion model sister and his belligerent brother, both of whom hope to inherit the estate and use [...]

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