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Beautiful and Damned, The

"Things are sweeter when they’re lost." Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Following The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitz Gerald published several more books, including The Beautiful and Damned, focusing on the decayed indolence of the spoiled rich. Here, we follow the toxic love story of Anthony Patch, who plans to inherit his uncle’s immense wealth, and the beautiful, social princess, Gloria. The couple meet and woo during the Jazz Age, and they are both inspired by the freedom of a life devoid of work and true calling. They party, they philosophize with cynical friends, they drink, they assuage boredom with endless social debaucheries, [...]

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Road, The

More Travels with the Fungus Author: Iain Rob Wright In this fourth addition to Iain Rob Wright’s The Spread series, the situation for human survival has become dire. The fungus from space continuous to spread. It has infected most of humanity, and the remaining bastions of survivors are turning feral, turning on one another. As Aaron and the remaining group from Choirikell continue to debate staying with the army or striking out on their own, Ryan’s fiancé and his mother set out on the road. The story goes back and forth between these two groups, revealing both the beautiful and the [...]

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Collective, The

Justice or Murder? Author: Alison Gaylin Have you ever wanted revenge so desperately, that you didn’t care about the costs? Have you ever wanted justice to the degree that it consumes your every day, and all your thoughts are of bloody death, of tearing away life and happiness as it was torn away from you? For Camille Gardner, this desire is more than an obsession. It’s a trap. Camille’s grief became rage. She lost her daughter to a careless frat boy, who raped her and left her to die in the snow. But the world sees only a glowing boy with [...]

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