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Dragons of Spring Dawning

The End of an Era Authors: Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman The companions have faced death and now they face betrayal and the dark power of Takhisis’ amassing armies. In Dragons of a Spring Dawning the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy reaches its powerful conclusion. We have been following it from our beleaguered heroes’ strange meeting in the Inn of the Last Home all the way through their perilous quest and into the first loss. Now, they are inching closer to the heart of Takhisis’ evil empire and to answers they may not be able to stand. Armed now with a dragonlance and [...]

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House of Leaves

An Endless House, a Childhood Secret Author: Mark Z. Danielelewski I remember prowling through Barnes and Noble as a teen and invariably running across House of Leaves, picking it up, and flipping through to see the bizarre format: words stair stepping down pages, inverted, magnified, split. This layout, among other things, gained House of Leaves its notoriety. At the bookstore I’d always read the back cover, flirt with the idea of buying the book and seeing what all the fuss was about, but I’d always end up putting it right back on the shelf and walking away. I was discouraged by [...]

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Leave No Scone Unturned

The Second Chef-to-Go Mystery Author: Denise Swanson With the fall semester just around the corner, Dani is excited for an infusion of cash paying customers to support her suffering Chef-to-Go business.  This excitement, however, is tempered with anger and resentment. With all the inevitable catering for campus activities, Dani will be forced to see Spencer Drake again. Despite their growing relationship, forged by working together to solve a case and bring a murderer to justice, Spencer conveniently disappeared over the summer. No word, no visit. With the summer over and the new semester in full swing, Spencer’s job will cause him [...]

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