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Riverwind the Plainsman

Return to Xak Tsaroth Author: Paul B. Thompson & Tonya C. Cook In the original Chronicles series, Riverwind is the lesser-known companion – the gruff plainsman who barely talks and is distinguished only for his brawn and devotion to the Chieftain’s daughter, Goldmoon. All we know is that he had some prior adventure, some quest that led him to find the staff of Mishakal in the ancient, evil city of Xak Tsaroth. The very staff he gave Goldmoon; the glowing blue staff that started the companions’ sometimes ill-fated adventure and epic war against the evil to come. Goldmoon used the sacred [...]

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Carnival of Fear

Justice for the Damned Author: J. Robert King In Carnival l’Morai you can see your dreams and nightmares. You can see horrors and oddities, performances and putrescences, life and death. No one knows this better than Marie, the beautiful blind juggler. But, despite the roughness of this life, the performers (called freaks) have a close-knit network, a friendliness that helps them through the judgement and the days and nights filled with jeering crowds. But everything changes when Marie goes into her caravan one night only to find the walls and floor coated in blood, the sword swallower dead and impaled on [...]

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Nettle & Bone

A Dark, Magical Quest Author: T. Kingfisher Princess Marra is stuck in a convent when she becomes aware of a hideous secret; her elder sister, the one who hates her, is trapped in an abusive marriage. She was married for politics, to secure the peace and safety of the family’s tiny port-side kingdom. She has no chance of escape, except through death, and that will come soon enough if the evil prince continues to have his way unchecked. He’s killed wives before, after all, and children. Once Marra’s sister finally produces an heir that lives, her own life is forfeit. It’s [...]

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