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Dance of the Dead

Of Zombies and Love Author: Christie Golden Larissa Snowmane is the lead dancer on La Demoiselle du Musarde, a riverboat that travels the dangerous mists, port to port, bringing entertainment. Growing up onboard this boat, Larissa only vaguely remembers her father, a man who abandoned her. Captain Dumont has taken his role as her defacto uncle seriously, however, and despite the rough ports La Demoiselle frequents and some of its less than savory business, Larissa has maintained her innocence and naïve trust. But it’s time for her to grow up, because Dumont has bided his time. He wants Larissa as [...]

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Dragons of Winter Night

The Sage Continues Authors: Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman The Dragon Armies are continuing to mass across Krynn. It has been months since the companions saw the disappearance of the stars that mark the coming of the Queen of Darkness and the champion that seeks to stop her. Since then, they have been biding their time in Thorbardin, staying briefly with the dwarves and refugees from Pax Tharkas before once again going out into the world, trying to stop the rising tide of evil. In Dragons of Winter Night the saga begun in Dragons of Autumn Twilight settles into an intermission only [...]

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Dragons of Autumn Twilight

A Classic Tale of Adventure Authors: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman There is a saying that you cannot step in the same river twice, but with books this isn’t true. The magic of a beloved read – one of those books that just stays with you and defines how you see and feel about the world – is eternal. Dragons of Autumn Twilight with its epic battles between good and evil, its beleaguered protagonists, its vivid beauty and ability to make a land full of dragons and unicorns real, and its laired secrets captured me when I first saw the [...]

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