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An Adventure in a Cursed Land Author: Jeff Vandermeer Area X is a mystery, a deadly portion of land, contaminated, cut off, and expanding. For decades doomed expeditions have been sent into the heart of this land to study it, to understand what happened, to try and stop the land from further encroaching. Those who do return are different: mad, sickened, dying. Yet expeditions continue, and this is one such incursion into a beautiful, cursed land. There are three women on this expedition, lead by a psychologist, who at turns manages the expedition and hypnotically controls the volunteers. The other members [...]

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Golden Frog Games, The

The Destruction of a Coven Author: Claribel A. Ortega Since Witchlings, Seven and her friends Valley and Thorn have been forged into a coven. It’s a coven of Spares . . . but still. Their rise to power, completion of the impossible task, and unveiling of a horrible conspiracy have witches everywhere talking about Spare rights. Plus, Seven has now been named the Town Uncle and her powers will eventually be equal to the Gran. Perhaps things in the Twelve Towns are looking up for Spares? Meanwhile, The Golden Frog Games are approaching. The Olympics of the witch world, the Golden [...]

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The Trauma of Growing Up and Fighting Monsters Author: Claribel A. Ortega Twelve-year-old Seven Salazar is on the path to all her dreams. Tonight, at the Black Moon Ceremony, in front of the entire town and by the side of her best friend, she will become a full-fledged witch and be sorted into House Hyacinth with her friend. At least, that’s what she hopes. There is a nagging feeling of doubt, but she pushes that down, smiles, dons her best dress, and prepares for the magical moment. Only, it doesn’t come. Seven isn’t sorted into a coven with her best friend. [...]

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