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Authentically, Izzy

Authentically, Dull Author: Pepper Basham Izzy Edgewood is your stereotypical representation of a nerd: she never wears heels, likes to read all the time, and lives to watch and quote Lord of the Rings. She’s hopeless and helpless, and always picks the wrong type of man for herself, until her domineering cousin takes romance by the horns and creates Izzy an online dating profile. Despite herself, Izzy plays with the profile a bit until bammmm, a magical, book loving man who is socially awkward but extremely handsome, owns his own bookstore, has a Scottish brogue, and also knows the Lord of [...]

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Second Chances and Generational Healing Author: Sandra Byrd Whidbey Island, 1950s. Helen Devries is recently widowed. She grieves her Navy husband, who died in an unlikely training accident, and the fact that her deepest dream, to have his child, has now faded into an impossibility. Everyday, she goes to the Navy hospital, tends wounds, works with soldiers, and hides her grief, until one day she receives an unlikely phone call. Choi Eunhee is a widow in a strange country, discriminated against, alone, frightened. She reaches out to Helen and together the two women thwart expectation and find healing, peace, second chances, [...]

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Swiss Family Robinson, The

A Family Adventure Classic Author: Johann David Wyss The Swiss Family Robinson begins with shipwreck and ends with the establishment of a new kingdom – a reverse Lord of the Flies where a hapless family not only survives by wit and grit, but thrives on a delightful desert island. The Robinson’s are a large family, immigrating from their beloved Switzerland and caught mid-way by the peril of a storm. The sailors abandon the family, and the father, mother, and four boys ride out the storm on the stranded, sinking ship, only to arrive safely at a seemingly uninhabited island. From here, [...]

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