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Last Tale of the Flower Bride, The

The Door You Might Not Open, and You Did Author: Roshani Chokshi He has spent his life living in and studying dreams. Dreams of a missing brother, sucked into a wardrobe never to return. It was then, as a child, that he knew fairy tales and myths were real. And ever since then, he has followed them, studied them. Enter his future wife, Indigo Maxwell-Casteñada, a woman whose lush beauty and wealth are the stuff of legends. She too loves a good fairy tale, the more violent, the more unsettling, the more gothically beautiful, the better. The pair, with their secrets [...]

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Stolen Heir, The

The Stolen Heir Jude and Cardan still hold the throne of Elfhame. It’s been eight years since the final, bloody battle, since Jude’s sentences were dispersed, since the traitors started their punishment. Oak is now grown and rumors abound. Assassination attempts have already been launched – and failed. Will Jude and Cardan really step down? And what about this playboy prince, who’s rumored to break hearts and destroy lives? Oak is ready for his first adventure. He is joined both by a loyal adherent and a fugitive. The fugitive is a man under a curse for betraying Jude and Cardan, [...]

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How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

Prince Cardan's Childhood Author: Holly Black In the in-between land while fans processed the conclusion of The Queen of Nothing and prepared for The Stolen Air and Oak’s supposed rise to the throne, this little illustrated fairytale came along. Here, we shift the focus away from Jude’s complicated rise to power and love him/hate him lust for Cardan to concentrate on the flawed faerie prince himself. Told from his prospective, this slim tome highlights key moments in Cardan’s life and his liminal status, stuck between coldly evil price and something softer, something more sympathetic that survived the courts and his elder [...]

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