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Real Sherlock, The

The Real Sherlock Author: Lucinda Hawksley I came across The Real Sherlock as an Audible freebie a few months ago and instantly downloaded it. Just seeing the title made me recall my childhood fascination with anything Sherlock Holmes, starting with The Hound of the Baskervilles in grade school. The Real Sherlock poses as a biography of the genius behind the famous detective. However, the story starts jerkily, zig-zagging interview style between fans and actors before finally settling, late in the two-hour recording, into a bit of background of Doyle. Listeners learn about Doyle, or at least the highlights, including his [...]

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When We Were All Still Alive

Life, Opportunities, and Love Lost Author: Keith McWalter Conrad Burrell is living in grief. Every day he thinks about his wife, her sudden death, and their life together: the little moments that were just right and the subtexts that ran through their marriage, their aging, their sense of self worth and fulfillment. Going back in time is not difficult for someone alone, and as the novel takes shape, Conrad concentrates more on the thread that makes a life than the aftermath of the grief that breaks it. He mulls over everything he did right and everything that fractured and broke and [...]

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7 Pressing Questions: Addressing Critical Challenges to Christian Faith

A Brief Overview of Pressing Questions about the Christian Faith Author: Bill Kynes I first encountered Bill Kynes’ short book of essays by accident on the C.S. Lewis Institute webpage under a compelling article, How Can A Loving God Send People to Hell.  The article addressed the question in a forthright and new way, and it wasn’t afraid to press the hard questions and open up about some of our darker doubts. As it turned out, the article was taken from Kynes’ 7 Pressing Questions, and so I followed up by purchasing the entire book. The seven questions Kynes addresses here [...]

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