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Sensitive One, The

A Survivor's Story Author: Susan Frances Morris What would you do if you were just diagnosed with breast cancer? For Susan Frances Morris her diagnoses opens the world into her past. A past she has been trying to bury. From the horrors of a degenerating, alcoholic father, to a schizophrenic sister, to an emotionally closed off mother, to an abusive first husband, Morris has suffered and survived a lot. She has overcome a lot. She is a practicing nurse. A mother. A happy wife. She has finally made it, so why now? When a brief Google for answers leads her to [...]

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Cold Snap

Vikings, Victory, and Vices Author: Codi Schneider Before I recount this tale, an introduction. You may call me Bijou. Though Brynhild or Freydis would be more fitting because, despite my French name, I’m 100 percent Norwegian Forest cat. Possibly 99 percent. I know this because I have beautiful long fur. And the strength of ten bears. Also, I’ve earned exactly 103 tabby stripes of bravery. My ancestors, dear reader, were Viking cats. Rapturous specimens and decorated longship mousers possessed with the Ancient Bloat of Respect. That bloat now resides on me. Some might say I’m overweight, but I know better. This [...]

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Last Huntress, The

Mirror, mirror… Author: Lenore Borja I’m no stranger you young adult fantasy fiction. In fact, I kind of love it. Teenage heartache combined with supernatural skullduggery is pretty irresistible. I saw my chance to indulge in Lenore Borja’s The Last Huntress and grabbed it. The Last Huntress is Alice’s story. Alice is the new kid in town, having moved following her parents’ divorce. She’s devoted to her mom, mad at her dad, and not looking forward to this fresh start. Her reservations are confirmed when the neighbor, a handsome kid to be sure, turns out to be a creep of [...]

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