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With Regrets

Author: Lee Kelly I have a complicated relationship with apocalypse fiction right now. In some ways it feels too soon post-COVID. In other ways, it feels cathartic. And sometimes it’s just a wild ride of suspense, tension, and suburban family dynamics. Welcome to With Regrets, by Lee Kelly. We enter the story at the dawn of a dinner party. Or, as hostess Britta Harris-Che calls it, a Sunday Soiree. Four couples are invited to the lavish affair. Britta is an Instagram influencer and she would very much like to collaborate with the company of one of the guests. That’s the [...]

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Monsters in the Graveyard, Possessed Children, and Haunted Fathers Author: Ania Ahlborn Jack Winter has been running for a long time. But the seeds planted in his troubled childhood in that old graveyard are still fertile, still churning beneath the soil to release a kernel of evil. Jack Winter is married now, not exactly happily. His rock star band dreams, once shared by his wife, are now a source of contention. Why can’t he get a real job? Why can’t they move out of this dump? But Jack’s two little girls are a delight. He loves them intensely, and maybe that’s [...]

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Dangerous Illusions (Code of Honor, #1)

Murder, Love, Intrigue Author: Irene Hannon Trish Bailey has experienced years of tragedy and heartache. It is hardly over. After losing her husband in a car wreck, Trish is left caring for her only remaining family: her ailing mother. Trish’s days are about watching her mom, sorting her mom’s endless pills, and going to a job in the dangerous part of town to teach underprivileged children. The strain is becoming unbearable. When her mother suddenly dies, the family accountant suggests that perhaps Trish mixed up the pills. She has been forgetful and overwhelmed lately, after all. As the investigation unspools, Detective [...]

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