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Hare, The

A harrowing tale of female resilience  Author: Melanie Finn At the hot, pulsing center of Melanie Finn’s unnerving and assured feminist literary thriller is the unlikely hero of Rosie Monroe. We meet Rosie when she’s 18 and a freshman at Parsons School of Design. At first blush, she’s naïve, unfashionable, and starved for any scrap of affection following a brutal childhood in Lowell, Massachusetts. While volunteering at the Museum of Modern Art on a Sunday morning, she’s approached by Bennett Kinney. Older and more sophisticated, he’s wearing a starched shirt and tweed jacket and has a copy of Albert Camus’ [...]

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RACHEL RISING, Volume 1: Shadow of Death

This is Why Terry Moore is King of the Independents Writer: Terry Moore Artist: Terry Moore For the past several years, every time I hear a comic book podcast talking about the best comics to come out in the last decade, RACHEL RISING is almost always on that list. RACHEL RISING?  Never heard of it.  I’d heard of the writer/artist/creator, Terry Moore’s other book, STRANGERS IN PARADISE, but I’ve never even SEEN an issue of RACHEL RISING.  Wonder what it’s about. Well, thanks to the good folks at Comixology and their Comixology Unlimited plan, I can find out. Oh, THAT’S [...]

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This Must be Just Like Living in Paradise Writer: Terry Moore Artist: Terry Moore My experience with Terry Moore’s STRANGERS IN PARADISE goes back nearly two decades to when my friend Brian brought me an issue of the comic.  Looking through the covers on MyComicShop.com, I feel pretty certain it was issue #1 of the 1994 run and if so, I hope and pray that issue is still around here somewhere because it’s going for some major bucks online.  But I honestly can’t say if I do still have it, and I won’t be surprised if I don’t because, while [...]

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