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Beauty in Breaking, The

On Recuperation, Recovery, and Downward Facing Dogs Author: Michele Harper I am so not a doctor—which is to say I dislike needles and the sight of blood, and hospitals make me feel lightheaded. I wasn’t sure, then, if reading Michele Harper’s memoir, The Beauty in Breaking, would be a terrific idea. Harper is a Harvard-educated emergency room physician who has worked in the South Bronx and Philadelphia, and in her gracious debut she invites readers to try on her white doctor coat. From page one, I was expecting wailing sirens, shouting nurses, and gory wounds—people piled on stretchers with their [...]

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Dark Half, The

What if your dark side was out to kill you? Author: Stephen King Family-man and author Thad Beaumont writes literary fiction with a so-so rating, has a summer home with his wife and kids, and is happily living out his unspectacular life. . . until he gets blackmailed by a seedy journalist who wants to reveal that Thad’s bad side writes under the name George Stark. Thad’s pseudonym with its anachronistic manly-man violence and serial killer main character has long bothered Thad and his wife Lisa, so perhaps this reveal all is overdue, and it’s time to literary lay Stark, [...]

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Kingdom of Copper

The Best Modern Fantasy Series Continues Author: S.A. Chakraborty It’s been five years since her protector and would-be lover has died; five years also since she last saw her only friend in the kingdom of Daevabad kill her Afshin. Five years since she has been forced to marry the philandering Muntadir with his alcohol and his secrets. Five years since she has walked freely through the city. It has not grown easier. In Kingdom of Copper Nahri is an apt symbol for her once prosperous and haughty tribe. An imprisoned figure-head, at the mercy of the Qahtains with no one [...]

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