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Wolf Den Hollow

Complicated, Historical Love Author: Donna Murray She has nothing but what she can carry, the clothes on her back, and her husband’s oversized boots when she escapes into the night, desperate to be away from him. Eventually, the abuse will escalate. Eventually, he will kill her. And now that she has run – now he will never stop hunting her. But what choice was there? And so Sila, a young Cherokee woman, escapes into the night. She has a past she cannot return to, a people she is cut off from, and a drunken, vengeful husband tracking her. She is alone [...]

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A Story of Love, Time, Youth, and Regrets Author: Jeff Arch Dean Griffin collapses with a stroke in his office. His last words are the names of two students from the past. As he lies in a coma his family has to wonder: why these men? Why this request? One of them is Sandy “Pick” Piccolo, once a troublesome young man dropped off by his mob boss father at Dean Griffin’s boarding school. Now Pick is a successful lawyer who is trying to escape his past. Trying to keep away from his father and what happened at that school. But [...]

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Thousand Naked Strangers, A

A Heartless, Sensationalist Look at Suffering Author: Kevin Hazzard I remember when this book was first published and displayed as a Book of the Month pick – how desperately I avoided it at all costs and shuddered at the gruesomeness of a job that involves seeing and participating in some of the most heartbreaking moments of a person’s life. At the time, I was only a few years away from my father’s own heart attack and subsequent touch-and-go time in the ICU under experimental treatment. This was a book that was definitely going to trigger me and bring up some [...]

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