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Nanny Murders, The

Something is Sinister in Suburbia Author: Merry Jones Divorcee Zoe Hayes works as an art therapist at an institution; most of her patients are completely deranged, many even dangerous, all with low prospects of getting better and no hopes of leaving the sterile institution that echoes with their own internal fears. Yet, even here Zoe finds a sunny sort of happiness in doing something worthwhile, guiding her patients through honest, if pointless, interactions with art. Zoe’s divorce has finally been settled and her ex is not satisfied with the mostly amicable terms. This week it’s her wedding ring, which he [...]

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Roadkill recipes... Author:  Will Harlan If you’re looking for a real-life story about a remarkable woman, you need to look no further.  On the other hand, if the idea of living on a diet that consists mostly of roadkill makes you queasy, you might need to reconsider.  Either way, there’s no denying that Untamed is one incredible story.  Nature journalist Will Harlan’s chronicle of the uniquely adventurous Carol Ruckdeschel – the best ally that sea turtles have ever had – is one of the best biographies I’ve read in a long time. Having reveled in any wild spaces she could [...]

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Gulf, The

America's underbelly... Author:  Jack E. Davis I live on the gulf.  Even though my hometown is about a thousand miles away from the salty shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico, every time I wash my car, water my garden or flush my toilet I’m contributing to what eventually ends up there.  That’s the case for everyone who lives in the massive midsection of the US that makes up the gulf’s watershed.  Serving stoically, the gulf obliges as the final drainage dump for about 60% of the area of the contiguous 48 states.  Unfortunately, it can only handle so much abuse [...]

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