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Red Thread of Fate

Longing, Forgiveness, Adoption Author: Lyn Liao Butler Many couples think that they can save their relationship by having a child. Tam and Tony certainly think so, and as their long anticipated adoption nears, their awkward silences and fake cheer only belies an unsolved problem. But everything will be ok when they get the child they always wanted – the child Tam has never been able to have. When Tony is suddenly killed by a barreling truck, Tam finds herself with two children and no husband. Tony was killed at the same time as his estranged cousin, Mia, as the two walked [...]

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King VS God Author: Stephen King In a little mining town just off the beaten path something has awakened and it is spreading. Hapless travelers are soon to discover it, to get sucked into the oddly silent town of Desperation, to become one of the abandoned, dismembered dead. Desperation is a visual novel, one filled with the ominous, nearly sentient awareness of lonesome desert landscapes and decaying towns. The heat and sweat is felt in the presence of the first nemesis, the nearly seven foot tall deputy named Collie Entragian, who ensnares travelers and then takes them into the town to [...]

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Dark-Adapted Eye, A

Cliff-Hanger Mystery Author: Barbara Vine There is no death more precisely calculated than an execution. To Faith, her aunt Vera Hillyard’s hanging brings this fact unalterably home. While Faith has lived on the periphery, she has watched the entire family drama unfold, seeing her father’s respect for his supposedly perfect sisters dwindle into something shameful, hidden in a box, forgotten, unspoken, and covered by  the dust of time and disappointment. She has seen her strange nephew who grew up shrouded in secrecy, and now she is being approached all these years later by a journalist who wants to drag it [...]

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