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Fortune Teller’s Prophecy, The

From Chaos to Calling Author: Lally Pia As a child, a Sri Lankan priest foretold that Lally would be “a doctor of doctors.” The prophecy was a troublesome one, half burden and half embarrassment. Add to this the stress of being the oldest child, the one with the dubious honor of being the first to set an example, to make something of herself, to follow the rules of culture and the rules for a woman. From the beginning of The Fortune Teller’s Prophecy, Lally’s path hardly seemed star studded. If anything, her destiny appeared to be one of frustration and bad [...]

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Molten Death

Molten Death book cover Trouble in Paradise Author: Leslie Karst Valerie and Kristen, a retired couple, are ostensibly visiting a friend in Hawaii to celebrate Valerie’s sixtieth birthday and catch some waves. But underneath it all, this is a trip intended to heal trauma. Valerie doesn’t know what to make of the world after her brother’s sudden, fiery death in a car accident; Valerie’s wife, Kristen, thinks that the big island is the perfect place to grieve and find comfort. That plan backfires when a feisty Valerie sees a leg disappearing in a lava flow and begins her [...]

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Death Writes

A So-So Mystery Author: Andrea Carter Gavin Featherstone, a best-selling author, is finally leaving his self-imposed reclusive lifestyle to once again bathe in the limelight, this time garnering interest for his soon to be published autobiography. He is debuting at Glendara’s local literary festival, side-by-side with an up-and-coming feminist short story author, when a poisoned glass of water leaves him gasping and dying in front of his shocked audience. As the investigation unfurls, it becomes evident that many people wanted the sometimes charismatic, sometimes brusque author dead: his estranged wife, his rejected children, his suspicious new assistant, his rejected lovers, authors [...]

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