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Death Writes

A So-So Mystery Author: Andrea Carter Gavin Featherstone, a best-selling author, is finally leaving his self-imposed reclusive lifestyle to once again bathe in the limelight, this time garnering interest for his soon to be published autobiography. He is debuting at Glendara’s local literary festival, side-by-side with an up-and-coming feminist short story author, when a poisoned glass of water leaves him gasping and dying in front of his shocked audience. As the investigation unfurls, it becomes evident that many people wanted the sometimes charismatic, sometimes brusque author dead: his estranged wife, his rejected children, his suspicious new assistant, his rejected lovers, authors [...]

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Intern, The

Corrupted Justice Author: Michele Campbell What happens when you get your dream job, but you must jeopardize it for your family? What happens when the family in question is your screw-up brother, and you’re the hard working, good kid, the one who is always left behind to pick up your brother’s mess? Madison Rivera is faced with this very quandary before she even gets her elusive internship with world-famous judge Kathryn Conroy. Madison is an up-and-coming law student. She’s worked hard for everything she has ever gotten, and now it is starting to pay off. But her brother was recently caught [...]

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Always Orchid

Fate Has Put Them Together Again, But Tragedy is Stalking Them Author: Carol Van Den Hende Phoenix Walker, successful CEO and entrepreneur, had everything going for him, including a blossoming new romance, on the day he jumped in front of a train to save a homeless man. After two traumatic amputations (one arm and one leg) and a year of physical therapy and soul searching, Phoenix is starting to recover emotionally. A chance encounter, a moment of vulnerability transformed into honesty and bravery, and Phoenix has a second chance at the love he pushed away, at the woman he insisted on [...]

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