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Life Ascending

Greatest hits from beginning to end... Author:  Nick Lane It’s happened literally millions and millions of times, yet scientists have never been able to actually see it.  The countless moments when one species becomes two – never to reunite – form the essential scaffolding that the entire science of biology is built upon.   While it’s hard to even define when speciation has actually occurred, there undoubtedly have been some moments that have been more profound than others.  In Life Ascending, British biochemist Nick Lane has selected his top ten favorites, spanning from life’s very beginning to its bitter end. While [...]

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Vanishing Half, The

Two sisters, two Americas: a twinhood split down the middle Author: Brit Bennett I can’t think of any other new release in fiction this year that is as heartbreakingly relevant as Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half. Her marvelous follow-up to The Mothers is a saga that digs into matters of race, sexuality, and the nuances—both seen and unseen—of one’s identity. It is an important and weighty story, but Bennett’s writing style, which flows as smooth as the river running through Mallard, Louisiana, will mesmerize readers from the very first page. “The river would right her. She would stand on the [...]

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Gender and Our Brains

The anatomy of bias... Author:  Gina Rippon Boys and girls are different.  It’s one of the more obvious observations that one could make about the human race.  But why is that the case?  And how different are they really?  Even with the most advanced 21st century technology available, these are extraordinarily difficult questions to answer.  In Gender and Our Brains, British neuroscientist Gina Rippon presents a remarkable exploration of the science behind what makes girls and boys – and women and men – into the people they are.  It’s not nearly as clear cut – pink and blue – as [...]

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