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The 25% solution… Author:  Linda K. Olson Adversity stories are pretty common, but it’s hard to top the life story of Dr. Linda K. Olson.  Following an accident in 1979 while traveling in Germany with her husband, the 29 year-old radiology resident was injured so severely that both her legs and her right arm required amputation.  Gone is the incredible story of how she got her life back.  It’s one uniquely powerful story. What stands out so impressively in the beginning is how quickly Olson and her husband Dave – who was also injured in the accident – managed to [...]

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Boop and Eve’s Road Trip

Generations Apart Author: Mary Helen Sheriff Writing fiction about difficult, emotional, real world topics while maintaining an overall light tone is a tough ask. Too far in one direction and the story gets too heavy, in the other it’s inappropriately breezy. While a lot of authors choose to use dark humor or absurdity to maintain a balance between dark and light, Mary Helen Sheriff goes a different way in her novel Boop and Eve’s Road Trip. Boop and Eve are grandmother and granddaughter, both living in Florida. Boop (actual name Betty) is retired; Eve is in her first year of [...]

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Heaven’s Gate: America’s UFO Religion

A Close-Up of a Religion About Aliens and Suicide Author: Benjamin E. Zeller In March 1997, thirty-nine people ritualistically killed themselves to board a spaceship and become aliens. This was the result of a cult two decades in the making, a mix of Protestantism, New Age philosophy, Ancient Astronaut theory, conspiracy theories, and science-fiction fandom. The cult, or new religion as Benjamin E. Zeller terms it, most often called Heaven’s Gate, now remains, living in our pop culture and collective memories. But what does it say about our uniquely American culture, our inability to separate fact from fiction, and our religious cherry-picking? [...]

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