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Sweet Dreams

Catch Me In My Dreams Author: Tricia Sullivan When the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference hit town, and a work gig (and gasp, the presentation I had to do along with it) got me some tickets, I swooped on all the free goodies that the publishers were endorsing and handing out. Tricia Sullivan’s Sweet Dreams was one such freebie, only given away on the last day and forcing me to make a return, mid-week trip just to grab a copy. What tantalized me was the concept along with the tripy cover art. A promising sci-fi mélange featuring one of [...]

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She Came to Slay

America's hero... Author:  Erica Armstrong Dunbar She’s obviously a household name, but there’s a lot about Harriet Tubman that I didn’t know.  While she’s acclaimed as one of the primary forces behind the Underground Railroad, she was also a sought-after orator, abolitionist, suffragist, business woman and nursing home founder.  She even devised military strategy for the Union forces during the Civil War.  Hers was a remarkable life packed with courage and intrigue and award-winning historian Erica Armstrong Dunbar captures it all in She Came to Slay. Harriet Tubman, circa 1870. Starting with her life as a enslaved youngster [...]

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Pyscho Killers on Snow: The Repeat Version Author: Robert C. Wilson  It opens with a Jack the Ripper-esque stalking sequence of a woman walking rain slicked streets all the while in the eye of a secret, very patient, very crazed killer. Then we jump to the cold recesses of Scales Psychiatric Facility, a home for the criminally insane, set against the isolated backdrop of an ice patched island near the freezing hulk of Lake Superior. Here we rejoin the serial murder, one Reuker Stilkes, in which the fires of an all-consuming madness desiring the purification of ritual slaughter still burns, [...]

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