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Hunger, The

A Fictional Reimagining of the Donnor Party, With a Supernatural Twist Author: Alma Katsu In May of 1846 an ill-fated wagon train set-out for a new life in California. Instead, they found death, desperation, and the forbidden last ditch horrors of starvation in the snow bound Sierra Nevada mountain range. It’s this haunting story of poor planning, bad luck, and ultimate cannibalism that has continued to haunt us for over a century: this collective fear and yet odd fascination with tragedy leading to a sordid, forbidden satiation. The Hunger by Alma Katsu follows the historical narrative of the Donner party [...]

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Little Shop of Happy Ever After

Cozy Read for Romance and Book Lovers Author: Jenny Colgan Nina is obsessed with books. She lives a life surrounded by the romance and adventure suspended and brightened between beloved dog-eared binders. Her flat-mate and best-friend rues the day that Nina and her avalanche of fictional friends moved in, dotting the staircase with binders and dangerously sagging already warped floors; yet for her day job this guilty little pleasure is perfect. Nina can match anyone with the book they need to open their hearts and cure their souls. She knows what they should read next and where their next, bright [...]

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Clue in the Diary, The

Murder, Arson, and a Mysterious Diary Author: Carolyn Keene After my previous favorite two Nancy stories, in which our titian-haired sleuth goes gumshoeing Wild West style only to follow that with a farm bound, secret cult mystery, The Clue in the Diary is a more sedate Nancy adventure. She’s still in Riverside, able to reach her father, Carson Drew, easily, trucking home after a long day to her own comfortable house and the attentions of housekeeper Hannah Gruen. That’s not to say that her danger is any less. Perhaps it’s even more because in her familiarity of location she soon [...]

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