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Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

I Loved It. It's Dumb. Sorry Not Sorry. Author: Joanne Fluke Hannah is back, layering on the glucose in this frenzied eating fest while, once again, the murder hub of the world produces another unfortunate, bloodied victim. Mayor Bascomb, the philandering long-term Lake Eden resident and shady schmoozer, has finally picked one too many fights or had one too many affairs. Readers who have been with the series from the beginning, like yours truly, figured that since he survived the sugar rush and hokey homicide of the previous twenty-seven books, Bascomb was safe. Even more shocking, the docile, overly caffeinated, stylish [...]

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Cold Snap

Vikings, Victory, and Vices Author: Codi Schneider Before I recount this tale, an introduction. You may call me Bijou. Though Brynhild or Freydis would be more fitting because, despite my French name, I’m 100 percent Norwegian Forest cat. Possibly 99 percent. I know this because I have beautiful long fur. And the strength of ten bears. Also, I’ve earned exactly 103 tabby stripes of bravery. My ancestors, dear reader, were Viking cats. Rapturous specimens and decorated longship mousers possessed with the Ancient Bloat of Respect. That bloat now resides on me. Some might say I’m overweight, but I know better. This [...]

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Dead Wake

Secrets of the Past, Burdens of the Present Author: Dawn Lee Mckenna When the local florists tear down a wall, they discover a body that has been hidden, nearly mummified, for decades. Maggie is first on the scene, and it isn’t long before the desiccated John Doe is connected to Bennett Boudreaux, the local kingpin and Maggie’s controversial friend. With Wyatt and Maggie working the case side by side, tensions rise. Wyatt is determined to prove once and for all that Bennett is a bad apple; Maggie is determined to seek the truth, or so she says. When an old [...]

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