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Survivors, The

A Reflective, Atmospheric Thriller  Author: Jane Harper It’s been many years since Kieran Elliott has returned to his small, coastal home in Tasmania. He doesn’t look forward to the necessity of a reunion with his hometown friends, his family, or the close-knit community he left. He doesn’t look forward to the memories or accusations it will awaken, or the talk (and veiled hints) about his dead brother and the storm that took him. His partner and new baby are in tow, and at least he has a buffer this time, arms to hold him through the long nights, a voice to [...]

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Child, The

A Lackluster Mystery, a Grim Murder Author: Fiona Barton When a tiny skeleton is unearthed at a building site, journalist Kate Waters can’t let it go. Who is the Building Site Baby? Are the bones the answer to a famous kidnapping of nearly twenty years before, and if so, how did the baby get there? What tragedy do those sad bones, suspended under a long dead potted plant, have to tell? Kate doesn’t know, but she intends to find out. The first step is writing an article, the second is going through the history of the gentrifying neighborhood and tracing back [...]

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Sibling Mystery Author: Rosamund Lupton Told in the first person in the form of a letter, Sister is a story of murder.  It's also a story of self-actualization, healing past wounds and a deep appreciation for the magic of unconditional love. Beatrice is writing to her sister Tess, a sister that has gone missing in their native London.  Beatrice, in her adulthood, has become ensconced in a safe, controlled job and relationship in New York City.  Her free spirited artist sister, very pregnant with her first child, has vanished while Beatrice is on vacation, unwillingly cut off from her usual [...]

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