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Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Double Homicide  Author: M.C. Beaton It’s nearing Christmas again and Agatha is having none of it – not after her string of failed parties and attempts to create the perfect English Christmas. While she is off on a disappointing vacation, dodging holiday cheer, a new officer with the Health and Safety Board has come to Carsely: John Sunday. Known as Grudge Sunday, his war on Christmas (and the general happiness of the townsfolk)is legendary and unending. The church is not allowed to put up a tree, no village decorations can be hung, a pair [...]

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Lost Apothecary, The

The Sweetest Revenge Author: Sarah Penner Murder and revenge – two sides of the same coin. It’s the late 18th century and Nella, an apothecary, serves a very special kind of client: women looking to remove the malicious men in their life. At first, Nella was a healer, but later she became a well known secret, the owner of a back alley shop known for the finest, untraceable poisons. She has rules though – this woman with a broken heart. She will not allow her poisons to be given to another woman, and each purchaser and her intended victim must be [...]

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Bound to the Truth

Secrets and Shadows Author: Lisa Brunette Sometimes, the happiest homes hold the darkest secrets. Robin and Nina appear to have the perfect relationship, at least from the outside. But both of them secretly have doubts about the other, and Robin, above all, suspects that her wife is drifting away, captivated by something or someone else. When Nina is found, bound and murdered in one of the hotels she helped design, Robin knows who the killer is: the strange man with the piercing eyes who hosts a popular conservative talk show. He always seemed, somehow, to know Nina. When Cat and Grace [...]

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