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Bones in the Attic, The

The Silence of Justice Author: Robert Barnard Former Soccer star and current moderate television and radio success, Matt Harper gets more than he bargained for when buying a cozy house in the small English village of Leeds. While exploring the attic with his would-be designer, some old and terribly tiny bones are revealed, heaped in a hidden corner. This house has its share of horrors, its unburied (perhaps un-mourned) secrets, and they somehow tie into Matt’s past, playing in this very village, near this house, discovering his love of soccer with the strange local children. Something unsettling churns in his [...]

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Sibling Mystery Author: Rosamund Lupton Told in the first person in the form of a letter, Sister is a story of murder.  It's also a story of self-actualization, healing past wounds and a deep appreciation for the magic of unconditional love. Beatrice is writing to her sister Tess, a sister that has gone missing in their native London.  Beatrice, in her adulthood, has become ensconced in a safe, controlled job and relationship in New York City.  Her free spirited artist sister, very pregnant with her first child, has vanished while Beatrice is on vacation, unwillingly cut off from her usual [...]

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Before I Go to Sleep

Forgetting to Remember Author: S.J. Watson When I wake up in the morning I usually have the same first thought, "Do I really have to get up now?"  What if your first thought, every single morning, was, "Where am I and who is this man in my bed?"  In such a case you would most likely have a problem with either substance abuse or promiscuity.  Or maybe you have amnesia.  Guess which one applies in Before I Go to Sleep? If you guessed promiscuity, I like the way you think, but you're wrong.  Christine Lucas has amnesia.  She forms memories [...]

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