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Flicker in the Dark, A

The Past Will Repeat Itself Author: Stacy Willingham Chloe Davis is still self-medicating to forget the past. But the past isn’t dead, and it’s coming for her and everyone she loves. When she was twelve, she discovered a devastating secret in her father’s closet. One that lead to his conviction as the heartless killer of six teenage girls from their town, including one of Chloe’s friends. Now, as an adult, Chloe continues to hide from the past. As a psychologist, she should know better. But she keeps taking her illegal Xanax, drinking her wine, and pretending that her life – and [...]

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Collective, The

Justice or Murder? Author: Alison Gaylin Have you ever wanted revenge so desperately, that you didn’t care about the costs? Have you ever wanted justice to the degree that it consumes your every day, and all your thoughts are of bloody death, of tearing away life and happiness as it was torn away from you? For Camille Gardner, this desire is more than an obsession. It’s a trap. Camille’s grief became rage. She lost her daughter to a careless frat boy, who raped her and left her to die in the snow. But the world sees only a glowing boy with [...]

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Sister of Mine

A Dour Thriller Author: Laurie Petrou Penny and Hattie are two sides of the same warped coin. Two sisters with a deadly secret and a toxic relationship, competing for love and attention, for success and attainment, for escape and meaning. As the years unfurl, the secrets get darker, more nuanced, the jealousies develop and invade, the favors owed and rendered multiply in seriousness, and the stakes increase with the introduction of a love affair, a dream, and a child. As Sister of Mine unspools, going back and forth in time, revealing petty betrayals, devastating secrets, and uncoiling jealousies, the story follows [...]

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