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Dead Silence

Frozen In Time, Dead In Space Author: S.A. Barnes If you go salvaging in space, will anyone ever find your body? Claire Kovalik is about to lose everything. During a normal repair mission she longs to un-tether herself and float into the void of space to die. It would be better than the alternative. In just a few days, Claire will be back on Earth. Her company is automating and they don’t need her – or her crew – anymore. She’ll be assigned to a desk job, patted on the head, and forgotten. Space, the only place that she has ever [...]

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Spore Author: David Kristoph John Harmon is desperate. He is working double shifts. He is trying to do everything and anything to get enough money for his daughter’s chemotherapy, and he is completely unable to sleep. Medically unable. And it’s all wearing on him. When he finally convinces his shady brother-in-law to let him in on a secret sleep study, he thinks all of his problems are solved. They are paying him more than enough to take care of his daughter just by being in the study, and the strange, glowing blue liquid they are injecting him with is finally allowing him [...]

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Comfortably Numb Author: E.J. Wenstrom Seventeen-year-old Evalee is celebrating the last night of her life. There aren’t many who are close to her, not many goodbyes to be said. After all, her death date has been tattooed on her arm from the day of her birth, a result of the Directorate’s infinite wisdom, its mission to keep all citizens from experiencing pain or discomfort. Many people live over a century. But that’s not Evalee’s case, and the date of her Departure has loomed over her short life. But she takes the pill. She says goodbye. She goes to bed, thinking over [...]

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