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Underwater Daughter

A Lyrical Memoir of Abuse Author: Antonia Deignan As a child, Tuni didn’t know that her father was sexually abusing her. She thought it was love. A special bond, a secret kind of affection. The fact that her mother knew and was present only galvanized this normalcy, or so she thought. But as an adult, she reflects on the abuse in Underwater Daughter, on the way its wrongness colored her entire life, from the gradual realizations growing up, to the body dysmorphia and solace sought in alcohol and drugs, and finally to her own approach to motherhood and finally caring for [...]

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Wednesday’s Child

Community Secrets and Unlikable Characters Authors: Deborah and Joel Shlian Leigh Novak has left the stress of a city emergency room and the fallout of her husband’s suicide behind, moving herself and her struggling young son, Jeremy, to a small town in northern California. Leigh is taking over from the current town doctor, sliding into what she presumes will be a low stress, easy life. When she shows up on her first day to find the old doctor in a coma, however, things go from bad to worse. After loosing her first patient, a young child that she should have been [...]

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My Dark Vanessa

Lolita Today Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell In light of the #MeToo movement, against the backdrop of a modern-day Lolita, Kate Elizabeth Russell unspools a dark tale of power, lust, and lies. In 2000, 15-year-old Vanessa has a crush on her high school teacher, Jacob Strane, a man who seems to genuinely care about her and compares her dark hair to falling leaves. But is Vanessa, with her bravery and love of the forbidden, getting in over her head? Is she experiencing an epic romance that will define the rest of her life, or is she being groomed as a victim, [...]

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