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Sleeping Giants

Alien Secrets, International Intrigue, Rouge Teams Author: Sylvain Neuvel It starts in the US, in a little town in South Dakota, but then it goes worldwide. It begins with a cryptic hand – a giant glowing hand, coming out of the earth, covered in words from an ancient language. What powers this hand? What does it mean? Where is it from? How did it suddenly rise above the soil to be found? And where, most importantly, are the other pieces of this giant body? When assembled, will the robotic entity be used for good or evil? The US is involved, and [...]

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An Adventure in a Cursed Land Author: Jeff Vandermeer Area X is a mystery, a deadly portion of land, contaminated, cut off, and expanding. For decades doomed expeditions have been sent into the heart of this land to study it, to understand what happened, to try and stop the land from further encroaching. Those who do return are different: mad, sickened, dying. Yet expeditions continue, and this is one such incursion into a beautiful, cursed land. There are three women on this expedition, lead by a psychologist, who at turns manages the expedition and hypnotically controls the volunteers. The other members [...]

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Fear is the Mind Killer, and Dune is the Mind Number Author: Frank Herbert Dune has long been on my list of must reads, and I am probably the only person on the planet who a) didn’t know even the basics of the plot and b) has never seen any of the movies. I went in knowing only that Dune was mostly set on a desert planet and there are giant worms. And honestly, I came out with about the same amount of knowledge. Dune is a Game of Thrones like story of betrayal, interplanetary politics, mysterious religions with centuries of [...]

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