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Luminous Dead, The

An Atmospheric Horror Sci-Fi Mashup Author: Caitlin Starling In the dark of a dangerous cavern on a foreign world, two women find themselves and each other. Gyre has always led a hard life on a bleak planet. Its caves were her only consolation and now, they are her only way to escape. She may be young, but she does have grit and some expertise. She hopes it will be enough to get her off planet and put her on the road to finding her mother. Taking a dangerous job with scant information and a suspiciously large paycheck is no problem for [...]

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Spore Author: David Kristoph John Harmon is desperate. He is working double shifts. He is trying to do everything and anything to get enough money for his daughter’s chemotherapy, and he is completely unable to sleep. Medically unable. And it’s all wearing on him. When he finally convinces his shady brother-in-law to let him in on a secret sleep study, he thinks all of his problems are solved. They are paying him more than enough to take care of his daughter just by being in the study, and the strange, glowing blue liquid they are injecting him with is finally allowing him [...]

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It Wears Our Faces Author: Darcy Coates Jen, Carly, and Alessicka are three very different women alone on an isolated moon outpost, going through the daily routine of killing invading plant and animal life and waiting for the go-nowhere assignment to end. It’s not a good opportunity, and they each have a hidden past that has led to this assignment. They spend their days prowling the shifting, dusty moon with sting sticks, counting down the time, wondering what each other did to get here until something new, something different, arrives on the planet. And they decide to ignore protocol and deal [...]

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