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Honey Roasted

The Blend is Buzzing with Murder Author: Cleo Coyle It’s here at last – the 19th installment in the ongoing Coffeehouse mystery series. Normally, by the time a cozy is pushing twenty books, the magic is long gone, as is the realism, and the dynamic characterization. What keeps this series still perking, however, is the husband and wife author duo’s focus on relationship building alongside relevant and often quirky mysteries. In Honey Roasted, The Blend is literary buzzing with bees, and it’s not Claire’s latest honey cinnamon latte that is causing the buzz. Claire and her ex-husband and current business partner, [...]

Leave No Scone Unturned

The Second Chef-to-Go Mystery Author: Denise Swanson With the fall semester just around the corner, Dani is excited for an infusion of cash paying customers to support her suffering Chef-to-Go business.  This excitement, however, is tempered with anger and resentment. With all the inevitable catering for campus activities, Dani will be forced to see Spencer Drake again. Despite their growing relationship, forged by working together to solve a case and bring a murderer to justice, Spencer conveniently disappeared over the summer. No word, no visit. With the summer over and the new semester in full swing, Spencer’s job will cause him [...]

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Hiss and Hers

Hiss and Hers Author: M.C. Beaton Agatha is at it again, this time taking a sledgehammer to her shelves in hope of hiring the dashing local handyman/gardener George Marston. Wearing her highest heels, tightest skirts, and most expert makeup, an obsessed Aggie is sure that she can eventually capture George’s romantic attention, but despite all her odd-jobs for him and “accidental” run-ins, George remains blissfully single. There is nothing for it but to throw a village fete and capture the first dance with the elusive gardener. The night takes a somber turn, however, when Aggie, wearing her evening finery, finds George [...]

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