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cozy mystery

Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Double Homicide  Author: M.C. Beaton It’s nearing Christmas again and Agatha is having none of it – not after her string of failed parties and attempts to create the perfect English Christmas. While she is off on a disappointing vacation, dodging holiday cheer, a new officer with the Health and Safety Board has come to Carsely: John Sunday. Known as Grudge Sunday, his war on Christmas (and the general happiness of the townsfolk)is legendary and unending. The church is not allowed to put up a tree, no village decorations can be hung, a pair [...]

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Arsenic and Adobo

This Year's Best New Cozy Mystery Series Author: Mia P. Manansala Lila Macapagal does not want to be in her stifling, small hometown again with her well meaning but old fashioned, matchmaker Aunties. But the family restaurant needs her help. She’s also running from the fall-out of a very bad breakup. When one of her old ex-boyfriends, infamous local food critic Derek, shows up to start dishing some bad publicity and instead ends up dying in the middle of her restaurant, Lila’s bad luck multiplies. Detective Park is sure Lila had an axe to grind with her ex, and when he [...]

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Whispering Statue, The

Art Dealers and Yacht Clubs Author: Carolyn Keene In her fourteenth adventure Nancy becomes a sales girl to uncover a ring of art thieves and counterfeiters while racing yachts and putting herself in danger. As usual, Carson Drew is out of town, but he trusts his daughter to track down a trove of valuable books for one of his clients. This client is sure that the man selling her books is cutting her out of most of the profit. When the Drews are confronted in their own home by masked and armed men immediately after taking the case, it becomes obvious [...]

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