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cozy mystery

Blackmail and Bibingka

Wine, Dessert, and Desperation Author: Mia P. Manansala Lila is starting to move away from her despair (depicted in Homicide and Halo-Halo) and slowly enjoy life again. She has a new relationship with Jae (a handsome doctor), the café she co-owns with her best friend is doing well, and Christmas is coming to Shady Palms, meaning some special new Filipino desserts. But all good things must come to an end. Lila’s black-sheep cousin, Ronnie, is back in town and as usual, he is bringing trouble. It starts well enough – maybe Ronnie has finally learned a thing or two about responsibility [...]

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Dead in the Mud

Murder and Matrimony Author: Connie Feddersen Amanda Hazard is having a very bad day, and it is Commissioner Brown’s fault. If he had just paved the dangerous dirt roads around Vamoose, she wouldn’t be stuck in the storm. She could just kill Brown . . . but unfortunately someone has beat her to the punch. Hazard does the right thing and calls in the cavalry (in this case her fiancé, the town sheriff, Thorn), but first she does some sleuthing. It looks like Brown met with a bad accident by the side of the road. But Hazard can see the clues, [...]

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Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

Fishing, Philandering, and Hannah's 28th Mystery Author: Joanne Fluke Hannah’s busy baking life is blooming as a fancy fishing competition hits Lake Eden. It’s all the rage, and the TV show host of a beloved fishing show, Sonny Bowman, is going to be the star. He’s loved just as much for his good looks as his supposed fishing prowess. But you know what they say, never meet your idols. It turns out that Sonny is a fraud and a philanderer to boot. Only a few days into the competition, which Hannah and friends are conveniently catering, Sonny is belly-up, literally. [...]

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