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Murder and Mamon

The Series Is Waning Author: Mia Manansala The Calendar Crew is opening another new business in town (a laundromat) at a coveted spot. Feelings are running high, the competition is enraged, and the Aunties gossiping ways have gotten them in a lot of trouble. When Ninang April’s niece, the posh, I-can-take-your-man Divina, arrives in town, the friction just gets worse. When Divina ends up dead in the new laundromat, her broken body staged under a scrawled threat, it’s anyone’s guess who the killer is and what motived them. Is someone finally tired of the Aunties’ malicious gossip? Did Divina steal the [...]

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Pushing Up Daisies

Agatha's Sloppiest Adventure To Date Author: M.C. Beaton Lord Bellington, an unpopular local lord looking to sell off village allotments for profit, is dead and only Agatha Raisin is suspicious. When the police start to focus on the sole heir, however, he gives in and hires Agatha to solve his father’s death. But who could it be? It seemed that everyone had a reason to hate the late Lord, from his insipid children to the local villagers to his on-again-off-again mistress. Meanwhile, a new man moves into view. Gerald is an ex-police detective looking for the comfort of village life and [...]

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Molten Death

Molten Death book cover Trouble in Paradise Author: Leslie Karst Valerie and Kristen, a retired couple, are ostensibly visiting a friend in Hawaii to celebrate Valerie’s sixtieth birthday and catch some waves. But underneath it all, this is a trip intended to heal trauma. Valerie doesn’t know what to make of the world after her brother’s sudden, fiery death in a car accident; Valerie’s wife, Kristen, thinks that the big island is the perfect place to grieve and find comfort. That plan backfires when a feisty Valerie sees a leg disappearing in a lava flow and begins her [...]

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