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Molten Death

Molten Death book cover Trouble in Paradise Author: Leslie Karst Valerie and Kristen, a retired couple, are ostensibly visiting a friend in Hawaii to celebrate Valerie’s sixtieth birthday and catch some waves. But underneath it all, this is a trip intended to heal trauma. Valerie doesn’t know what to make of the world after her brother’s sudden, fiery death in a car accident; Valerie’s wife, Kristen, thinks that the big island is the perfect place to grieve and find comfort. That plan backfires when a feisty Valerie sees a leg disappearing in a lava flow and begins her [...]

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Bulletproof Barista

Streaming Shows and Serial Betrayals Author: Cleo Coyle The Village Blend is once again part of the “it” scene as a film crew for a famous streaming show, Only Murders in Gotham, staring a famous comedian and popstar turned actress, is filming on location at the Blend. While this means extra work for Clare’s crew, it also means lots of celeb greeting opportunities and a chance at fame and fortune for her staff turned wannabe actors. Even Esther is getting into the excitement. But something is just off about this production, and as the accidents mount, it becomes clear that sabotage [...]

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Dishing the Dirt

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Author: M.C. Beaton In the sleepy town of Carslie, our 26th (ok, probably more like 30th) serial killer is steadily thinning the herd and only Agatha Raisin can stumble her way into a solution. This time, it’s the neighborhood therapist who has been scamming clients, romancing Agatha’s ex, and spreading dirt about Agatha herself. And Agatha, with her loudmouth, threatened to kill the woman the day before she showed up strangled. Agatha, however, isn’t a suspect for long. Mostly because the bodies really start to stack up here. It is literarily impossible to keep up [...]

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