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Agatha Raisin

Pushing Up Daisies

Agatha's Sloppiest Adventure To Date Author: M.C. Beaton Lord Bellington, an unpopular local lord looking to sell off village allotments for profit, is dead and only Agatha Raisin is suspicious. When the police start to focus on the sole heir, however, he gives in and hires Agatha to solve his father’s death. But who could it be? It seemed that everyone had a reason to hate the late Lord, from his insipid children to the local villagers to his on-again-off-again mistress. Meanwhile, a new man moves into view. Gerald is an ex-police detective looking for the comfort of village life and [...]

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Dishing the Dirt

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Author: M.C. Beaton In the sleepy town of Carslie, our 26th (ok, probably more like 30th) serial killer is steadily thinning the herd and only Agatha Raisin can stumble her way into a solution. This time, it’s the neighborhood therapist who has been scamming clients, romancing Agatha’s ex, and spreading dirt about Agatha herself. And Agatha, with her loudmouth, threatened to kill the woman the day before she showed up strangled. Agatha, however, isn’t a suspect for long. Mostly because the bodies really start to stack up here. It is literarily impossible to keep up [...]

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Blood of an Englishman, The

Of Murders and Beaus Author: M.C. Beaton A night of amateur dramatics with Mrs. Bloxby leads Agatha straight into her next murder investigation. Supposedly beloved town baker (and ogre in the play) goes off screen in a puff of smoke, only to be found later with a spike driven through his body. Accident? Doubtful. The play’s producer is tired of the suspicion coming his way, and hires Agatha to get the heat off him (and his amateur dramatics). But it seems like the world of play acting is rife with rivalries, petty jealousies, long held animosities, and lots of untoward relationships. [...]

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