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Cults: Inside the World’s Most Notorious Groups and Understanding the People Who Joined Them

What Makes a Cult Leader; what makes a follower? Authors: Max Cutler and Kevin Conley Max Cutler (the founder of Parcast) and Kevin Conley team together in Cults: Inside the World’s Most Notorious Groups and Understanding the People Who Joined Them to review the lives and rise of ten cult leaders, their cults, and their followers. The stories range from cults that function on shame, exploitation, pathological lying, sadism, megalomania, escape, and denial of reality. Cutler and Conley feature well known figures such as Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and Marshal Applewhite as well as lesser known, more far-flung groups such as [...]

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China Room, The

Love, Duty, Betrayal, and Society Author: Sunjeev Sahota It’s 1929 – Punjab, India. There is political unrest, but for Mehar, a young bride living with her husband’s family on a rural farm, all that is very far away. She is married into a family with three brothers. She lives with the other two wives, and during their hardworking days and stifling, hopeful nights, the women wonder which of the brothers is their husband, which of the men it is who occasionally comes for them in the dark. Mehar knows, though, and she has fallen in love with the man she thinks [...]

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Stolen Heir, The

The Stolen Heir Jude and Cardan still hold the throne of Elfhame. It’s been eight years since the final, bloody battle, since Jude’s sentences were dispersed, since the traitors started their punishment. Oak is now grown and rumors abound. Assassination attempts have already been launched – and failed. Will Jude and Cardan really step down? And what about this playboy prince, who’s rumored to break hearts and destroy lives? Oak is ready for his first adventure. He is joined both by a loyal adherent and a fugitive. The fugitive is a man under a curse for betraying Jude and Cardan, [...]

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