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My Not So Perfect Life

Love and Revenge Author: Sophie Kinsella Katie Brenner grew up on an idyllic Somerset farm, but she has always craved the bustle and excitement of London. She has recently managed to land a job in a prestigious London marketing firm under the tutelage of Demeter, a woman who has it all: a perfect family, luxurious home, a young stunning lover, and the kind of swagger that just screams confidence and success. Someday, Katie will have all that too. In the meantime, she’s changing herself from country Katie to sophisticated, city-hip Cat. Her parents may have their doubts, and her father may [...]

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Honey Roasted

The Blend is Buzzing with Murder Author: Cleo Coyle It’s here at last – the 19th installment in the ongoing Coffeehouse mystery series. Normally, by the time a cozy is pushing twenty books, the magic is long gone, as is the realism, and the dynamic characterization. What keeps this series still perking, however, is the husband and wife author duo’s focus on relationship building alongside relevant and often quirky mysteries. In Honey Roasted, The Blend is literary buzzing with bees, and it’s not Claire’s latest honey cinnamon latte that is causing the buzz. Claire and her ex-husband and current business partner, [...]

Dead Girls Club

Killing Secrets Author: Damien Angelica Walters There was a time in Heather’s life when, like most children, she was obsessed with gruesome stories: serial killers, death and dismemberment, witch hunts, and more. The sly stories, half fable, half truth, drew Heather and her tight knit group of friends together. Story-time was a place of imagination and respite. But none of it was real . . . or was it? Heather’s best friend and the leader of the club, Becca, can only think about the Red Lady, a witchy figure, murdered and desperate for revenge. It started as a tall tale and [...]

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