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A Sweeping Sci-Fi Drama of Society, Idealism, & Sentient Plants Author: Sue Burke I was dubious starting Semiosis, but it was the March read for my new addiction, a GoodReads group called Creatures, Creatures Everywhere! My creature loving tendencies are usually more horror oriented, and sci-fi rarely captivates me, but the write-up hinting at forbidding planets and sentient plants was intriguing, so I dove in. I am so glad I did. The story starts with a group of brilliant people, each with a different specialty, fleeing a doomed Earth in a fancy automated spaceship. While they’re frozen, the ship will track [...]

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Girl A

A Story That Wants to Be a Thriller Author: Abigail Dean Lex Gracie is a successful woman, and she wants nothing to do with her past, specifically her parents. Then her mother dies in prison, leaving Lex as the executor of her estate. Old ties and barely concealed traumas begin to push their way to the forefront. Now Lex must confront her abusive childhood, the memories of neglect, fanaticism, starvation, chains, her daring escape, and what came after for all of them. Known as “The House of Horrors,” the home Lex grew up in now belongs to her and her remaining [...]

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Crime and Punishment

Murder, Motives, and Malice Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky Have you ever thought that you are better than your circumstances? Have you ever thought that maybe you are meant for something more? Have you ever thought that maybe the rules don’t apply to you? Romanovich Raskolnikov is a poverty stricken student in Petersburg with aspirations. An ardent follower of philosophy, a lover of historical figures with the grit and tyranny to do what needs to be done, Raskolnikov’s published essay proposes a two pronged morality: rules for the masses and no rules for the great people: the leaders, the influencers, the figures of [...]

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