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War of the Species Author: Sue Burke Life on Pax continues; the colonists and Steveland, the sentient bamboo-like plant that originally colonized this world, are working through the fallout of their initial interactions with the Glassmakers and adapting to a new, diverse, but technologically impaired society. But life on earth 55 light years away – that’s entirely different. Earth may be a legend passed down through the Pax generations, but the scientists on a now very dystopian (and blood thirsty planet) have never forgotten the team sent to find something better in the stars. And now, they’re looking for them and [...]

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Push, The

Evil Children or Abusive Parents? Author: Ashley Audrain Blythe doesn’t want – doesn’t need – a baby. Her husband, Fox, insists that they have one. Blythe won’t become her abusive mother, he assures her, and a baby will only complete their love. Blythe loves her husband, loves her life, and despite her fears she agrees. What else can she do? Enter the new baby: Violet. Fox is instantly in love, but Blythe resents the needy infant. Is her family’s long line of abuse rearing its ugliness in her? Is she truly a bad mother or is there something desperately wrong with [...]

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Is God a Moral Monster

The Old Testament & Our Questions Author: Paul Copan In Is God a Moral Monster? author Paul Copan dissects those verses and chapters in the Old Testament that everyone from the veteran believer to the adamant atheist finds inexplicable and disturbing. If our God is one of mercy and love – why did He tell the Israelites to commit genocide against the Canaanites? Why is slavery accepted in the Bible? Why is the Old Testament populated by weird laws and rituals? Why was Abraham asked to sacrifice his only son? Why are women treated as possessions for sale? Why are foreigners [...]

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