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Secret Place, The

Close Friendships are the Dreams of Children Author: Tana French By the time readers reach the fourth book in Tana French’s loosely associated Dublin Murder Squad series, we are fully in love with the complexity and lyricism of French’s world. Here there are no heroes or villains, merely broken people and emotionally resonate timelines filled with regret, loneliness, yearning, and, of course, murder. This time, we’re at St. Kilda’s, an elaborate boarding school for privileged teenage girls. Its partner school for boys, Colms, butts up against the property and the interactions between the inmates of both places results in all [...]

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How Not to Die Alone

Love, Death, and Comedy Author: Richard Roper Andrew’s life has a set and comforting rhythm. All in all, as long as he doesn’t look too closely, it’s a good life. Not a perfect one, but what’s missing can be made up for in the realm of fantasy, in the comfort of routine, in the subterranean friendships of Internet forums and the dulcet tones of turning records and Ella Fitzgerald’s tunes bouncing off walls and through the long nights. Yes, Andrew’s life is just fine so long as no one rocks the boat and no one guesses his one dangerous secret: [...]

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Jeffrey Dahmer: A Terrifying True Story of Rape, Murder & Cannibalism

A Very Short, Abbreviated History of a Famous Cannibal Serial Killer Author: Jack Rosewood After picking up Gregg Olsen’s If You Tell, I discovered a brand new genre and a new interest: true crime, which is quite a step outside my fiction loving focus. This new book interest led me to quickly trace my way through the Audible stacks, looking for one of the major crime stories I remembered hearing about, both from relatives and popular culture, throughout my childhood. That’s right, the infamous regular-guy-next-door turned sociopath/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. His story is interesting both for his seeming normalness to those around [...]

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