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Life Ever After

A Story of Tech and Love Author: Carla Grauls In a far flung future, in a place called Tech City, a man and a woman meet. They grow together as they each receive technology implants that will make them better, stronger, smarter, more connected. As the years pass, they merge in and out of each other’s lives, always being pulled back to the waiting room where they met, always following the latest procedures, becoming both more and less human. In this strange narrative, they dance around each other, awareness growing and dimming, friendship transforming to love transforming to enmity and back [...]

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Sleep, My Child, Forever: The Riveting True Story of a Mother Who Murdered Her Own Children

A Disturbed Mother Who Kills Her Children for Money Author: John Coston It’s the 1980s, and down-and-out single mother Ellen Boehm has found a way to pay for her expensive cross-country hobby of following professional wrestler events: heavily insuring her three children and murdering them, one by one. With Ellen’s two sons mysteriously dead and her young daughter having barely escaped a hair-dryer in the bathtub “accident,” a long time friend started to suspect that the strangely stoic mother was responsible for her children’s deaths. In a rush against time, Deputy Sergeant Joseph Burgoon of St. Louis Homicide collected evidence and [...]

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No One is Ever Too Old for Fairy Tales Author: Natalie Lloyd Eliza is tired of her mom’s city apartment and new boyfriend. She longs for the imagination, wildness, and fun of her grandmother’s beach house and the accompanying stories about mermaids and magic. When a letter comes from Nana Mora, begging Eliza to come spend some time with her, it’s a call to adventure that cannot be refused. What results is a tale of life and love, a story about choices and loyalties imbued with the beauty of nostalgia and the sweeping epic of a generation of dreams. Silverswift is [...]

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