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Live Not By Lies

A Guide For Christians in the West Author: Rod Dreher It’s difficult right now to be a Christian in the United States – or at least a practicing Christian. It is very much not the “in thing” to have rules, much less live by them, and for those of us who firmly believe that there are some things God forbids (like worshiping other gods) life can quickly become uncomfortable on so many levels, from fear of social ostracism to ramifications at work and with family. That’s why when Live Not By Lies first came out, I was so excited to read it. When [...]

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Sunday Afternoons and Other Times Remembered

Murder or Mundane? Author: Ben Ewell Easter Sunday 1992 – Dale Ewell, his wife, and his daughter Tiffany are all shot to death in their quite suburban home. Later, Ben Ewell, Dale’s brother, received a horrible call that he will never forget, turning the remaining family upside down. After that there was suspicion, accusation, and finally a trial. Some members of the family would never speak again. This is how Ben Ewell’s memoir, Sunday Afternoons and Other Times Remembered, begins. It appears Ewell’s focus will be on loss, what comes afterwards, and how a killer is found and brought to justice. [...]

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Alien Chats and Fevered Dreams Author: Whitley Strieber Whitley Strieber, popular horror/thriller author, claims that he has been abducted by aliens several times. He has been experimented on; he has conversed with his captors. Now that he starts to untangle the threads of the supernatural in his life – and in his wife and son’s lives – he is beginning to arrive at a conclusion. Some kind of discourse, some communion, for some unknown purpose, is taking place. But why? And what does it mean? Is it a weird breakdown in the brain? An unknown disease, a cultural fear, or a [...]

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