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Night She Disappeared, The

Dead and Gone or Alive and Hidden? Author: Lisa Jewell It’s 2017. A troubled girl leaves her infant daughter with her mother, going for a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend. The couple met at a fancy restaurant. Everything was going well. Then they left to attend a sumptuous party hosted by local cool-girl, Scarlett Jacques, at her family’s secluded mansion. They were never seen again. Two years later, the mother, Kim, is raising her grandchild, still searching for her daughter, still wondering how two people can disappear without a trace. Wondering if they got into a fight. Wondering if they are [...]

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Live Not By Lies

A Guide For Christians in the West Author: Rod Dreher It’s difficult right now to be a Christian in the United States – or at least a practicing Christian. It is very much not the “in thing” to have rules, much less live by them, and for those of us who firmly believe that there are some things God forbids (like worshiping other gods) life can quickly become uncomfortable on so many levels, from fear of social ostracism to ramifications at work and with family. That’s why when Live Not By Lies first came out, I was so excited to read it. When [...]

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Resort, The

In the Desert, No One Can Hear You Die Author: Bentley Little There is no one who can take the ordinary – the everyday – and make it somehow malignant and putrescent quite like Bentley Little. The Resort is no exception. It begins with the Thurmans, a normal man and wife with their kids, going to a fancy resort in the desert. Admittedly, it’s off-season. But that means this unparalleled luxury is affordable. It ends with murder, ritualistic sacrifice, and a prescient place in the desert that restores itself out of carnage. The Resort starts subtle. A mistaken double booking. A [...]

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