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My New Year’s Readolutions

Haha, whoa, that's pretty bad, isn't it? But since I seem to have significant motivational problems with resolutions that involve moving around or eating less, I thought I'd set myself some book-related resolutions this year, as that seems much more attainable (and fun). Reading resolutions = readolutions. I know, I'm sorry. 1. Finally get that Kindle and load it up with library books. A while ago, I wrote about my struggle between desiring a Kindle and not quite being able to justify one. But my biggest reason — that you couldn't borrow library books on one — has been blown to bits by [...]

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Your New Favorite Crafts

I’d like to say that I enjoy crafts, but what I really mean is that I enjoy buying craft supplies. At a moment’s notice, I could currently weave you a basket; forge a pair of chain-maille earrings; squish together a realistically colored clay fox figurine; coat your shoes in rainbow glitter glue; bling out your sunglasses with rhinestones; knit you an assortment of hats; or colorize a paint-by-numbers portrait of Pope John Paul II. And that’s just the projects I can remember. I’ve been forced to pull the Stern Parent routine on myself and refuse to let myself [...]

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It’s not you, it’s me.

Right now, I'm about two-thirds through Working in the Shadows: A Year of Doing the Jobs (Most) Americans Won't Do, by Gabriel Thompson. This book came out in 2010, and I had it on my "vague intentions of reading" library list for nearly a year before finally requesting it. I think I was afraid it would be intimidatingly statistic-filled, or dry and scholarly, or just too much of a downer — the same reasons my Netflix (er, I mean QWIKSTER) queue is full of impressively highbrow, award-winning, critically-acclaimed films that I blow right past in my haste to find the latest streaming [...]

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