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Push, The

Evil Children or Abusive Parents? Author: Ashley Audrain Blythe doesn’t want – doesn’t need – a baby. Her husband, Fox, insists that they have one. Blythe won’t become her abusive mother, he assures her, and a baby will only complete their love. Blythe loves her husband, loves her life, and despite her fears she agrees. What else can she do? Enter the new baby: Violet. Fox is instantly in love, but Blythe resents the needy infant. Is her family’s long line of abuse rearing its ugliness in her? Is she truly a bad mother or is there something desperately wrong with [...]

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Buried Secrets

A True Story of Black Magic and Murder Author: Edward Humes In the 1980s a rash of strange murders took place in Mexico along the U.S. border. No one reacted until an American spring breaker, Mark Kilroy, went missing. Spurred by a sudden interest (and pressure) from the U.S., the Mexican federal police began to unravel a long string of drug deals, human sacrifice, and black magic leading all the way back to a vicious cult lead by Adolfo Constanzo (El Padrino). Buried Secrets is a nonfiction book told with the flair and vividness of a novel. Edward Humes’s investigation is [...]

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My New Year’s Readolutions

Haha, whoa, that's pretty bad, isn't it? But since I seem to have significant motivational problems with resolutions that involve moving around or eating less, I thought I'd set myself some book-related resolutions this year, as that seems much more attainable (and fun). Reading resolutions = readolutions. I know, I'm sorry. 1. Finally get that Kindle and load it up with library books. A while ago, I wrote about my struggle between desiring a Kindle and not quite being able to justify one. But my biggest reason — that you couldn't borrow library books on one — has been blown to bits by [...]

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