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Dave DriftlessThe obsession began as a wiry teen.

While the lovely young fillies would beg Dave to come out and play, he was up in his room with his books.

Asimov, Bradbury and Clarke were so prolific that he never ran out of options and Tolkien’s world was so complex that repeated readings were always on the agenda.

The affair progressed to compulsion with reading lists and wish lists and constant strategizing; eventually evolving on to hoarding so many volumes he could never hope to actually read them all. Alas, adult responsibilities intervened and the passion became quiet for many years. Despair not, as the old flame still smolders and lately the graying bibliophile has regained some of the old fanaticism, focusing on more mature, but equally nerdy topics.

It’s rare for a science, nature or history book to fail to pique his interest and he’s developed a new enthusiasm for writing about his reading experiences. It’s clear that this love affair was meant to last.

Dave’s Reviews

Stalin's englishman cover

Stalin’s Englishman

The anti-Bond... Author:  Andrew Lownie He may have been one of the more bizarre characters in British history.   And that’s ...
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War Before the War cover

War Before the War, The

Prelude to freedom... Author:  Andrew Delbanco Courage beyond belief.  Conventional accounts give most of the credit to President Lincoln and ...
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Make it Scream, Make it Burn cover

Make it Scream, Make it Burn

Love and loneliness... Author:  Leslie Jamison Leslie Jamison has made it.  Having published an acclaimed novel in 2010, at the ...
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At the End of the World cover

At the End of the World

Murders wasted... Author:  Lawrence Millman It checked so many boxes.   First, it’s a true story about murder, one of my ...
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She Came to Slay cover

She Came to Slay

America's hero... Author:  Erica Armstrong Dunbar She’s obviously a household name, but there’s a lot about Harriet Tubman that I ...
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Something Deeply Hidden cover

Something Deeply Hidden

Maybe I've got multiverse myopia... Author:  Sean M. Carroll It’s gained a certain notoriety.  In the public eye, quantum physics ...
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Open Agassi book cover


Tennis time travel... Author:  Andre Agassi I think I'm still living in the 1990s.  I have to admit that from ...
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Bright-sided book cover


Always look on the bright side of ... Author:  Barbara Ehrenreich Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty ...
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Mozart's Starling book cover

Mozart’s Starling

A passion for mischief... Author:  Lyanda Lynn Haupt So Mozart had a pet bird.  It’s not a topic that sounds ...
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deep by james nestor


Chasing the depths... Author:  James Nestor Hold your breath.   How long can you do it?   How much better could you ...
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Gender and our Brains cover

Gender and Our Brains

The anatomy of bias... Author:  Gina Rippon Boys and girls are different.  It’s one of the more obvious observations that ...
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Lost City of the Monkey God cover

Lost City of the Monkey God, The

Archaeology and Adventure! Author:  Douglas Preston Quick!  Who is your favorite George Lucas movie character?  If you didn’t hesitate to ...
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Life Ascending book cover

Life Ascending

Greatest hits from beginning to end... Author:  Nick Lane It’s happened literally millions and millions of times, yet scientists have ...
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Last Witnesses cover

Last Witnesses

Childhood at war... Author:  Svetlana Alexievich It took me months to read this book.  Not just a few, but many.  ...
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Kindred book cover


Traveling in chains... Author:  Octavia E. Butler I read a lot of science fiction when I was a teenager.  Mostly ...
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Among Grizzlies book cover

Among Grizzlies

Tread lightly... Author:  Timothy Treadwell What a fool!  Was he suicidal?  When you first hear about Timothy Treadwell, it’s hard ...
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Handsome book cover


Straight to the Hart... Author:  Holly Lorka “Awkward” or “Shame” would have been good titles for this book.  But either ...
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Gone book cover


The 25% solution… Author:  Linda K. Olson Adversity stories are pretty common, but it’s hard to top the life story ...
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Burning of Bridget Cleary book cover

Burning of Bridget Cleary, The

Magic rules… Author:  Angela Bourke For those who are reading this on a remarkably clever little handheld computer, it may ...
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