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Heaven’s Bones

Vivisected Angels, Dark Domains, and 19th Century London Author: Samantha Henderson Dr. Sebastian Robarts is a fallen icon, a madman with an obsession. He was unable to save his wife and child, and their deaths, compounded by his medical failure, haunt him. Casting back into everything he learned as a child, he thinks about a ponderous library and a book that swore women were fallen angels. If that is so, he wants his wife to have her wings back. He won’t fail a second time, and he’ll do anything and everything to make his macabre dream come true whatever the cost. [...]

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Soulless: The Parasol Protectorate

Author: Gail Carriger So, you know, maybe it’s my fault for expecting too much of a supernatural-alternate-history-steampunk-romance. (Not that I’ve really encountered that particular blend of genres before, come to think of it.) Given that there are now five books in the Parasol Protectorate series, though, someone must be enjoying them enough to clamor for more. Maybe the fact that Gail Carriger cranked out those five books in just over three years should have been the first clue that they wouldn’t be masterpieces of period-accurate research and witty dialogue, but after reading Soulless, I think one is more than enough. [...]

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