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Devil’s Whispers, The

A Gothic Horror Story Author: Lucas Hault Gerard Woodward traveled to the austere Welsh countryside to visit a dying man in an ancient castle. And now, he can’t escape. There are dreams. There are images of frightening, wall crawling ape men. There is a beautiful woman in the forest surrounded by the wail of infants. There is the slow sense of a trap closing. Meanwhile, a world away in London, Gerard’s fiancé, Raelyn, struggles against an ominous foreboding. Gerard’s letters have stopped, and his return date is long since overdue. Raelyn’s cousin, who is staying in her guest house, is growing [...]

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Haunting New Thrillers to Make You Shiver

October is the perfect month to dive right into delightfully scary books! Whether your tastes run more to psychological suspense, amateur sleuths hunting killers, or supernatural dread, these terrifying new thrillers will deliver all the chills you can handle. Get in the Halloween spirit with these frightening books -- if you dare! The Crow Garden  Author: Alison Littlewood After his father commits suicide, Nathaniel Kerner abandons his lucrative consulting practice to become a doctor at the Crakethorne Asylum, but the asylum’s owner seems more interested in fiddling around with phrenology and skulls than taking care of his patients. One such [...]

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Summer 2017 Book Preview

It’s summertime, and we know what we want: thrilling page-turners and ice-cold beverages. Whether you’re looking for science fiction, murder mysteries, YA romance, or nonfiction, we’ve got plenty to fill your beach bag! Plop into a hammock, check out our summer 2017 book preview, and get comfy… it’s hot out there. The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying Author: Nina Riggs Poet Nina Riggs was only 37 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. But within a year, her condition advanced to terminal cancer. A wife, a mother to two young boys, and a successful writer, Riggs [...]

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