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YA Trilogy Thrills: Girl of Fire and Thorns

Isn’t it wonderful when you stumble upon a really exciting book and realize the entire series is already complete, so you can devour them all as fast as you can read, without the painful months of waiting for each new installment? That’s what I’ve been doing with the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy, by Rae Carson, which wrapped up in 2013. Because they really are one story in three volumes, I’ve chosen to review them all together here, so if you haven’t finished (or started) this magical, girl-empowering fantasy trilogy yet, stay vigilant for possible spoilers! The Girl of [...]

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Missing One, The

A Whale Tale Author: Lucy Atkins It’s a strange feeling when you turn the age your parents were when they had you. (My parents were quite young, so this happened a while back for me.) Suddenly, you have a new perspective on where your mom and dad were at in life when you came along — and, maybe, how different your own life choices are by comparison. But what if you got the sneaking suspicion that your parents never wanted you? That’s the drama at the heart of The Missing One. Kali McKenzie has just lost her mother, Elena, to [...]

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Bookish Baking: The Cozy Fruit Crisp

Fall is when my reading — and baking — really kick into high gear. All the delicious-looking recipes I tore out of magazines during the summer (you know, when it was too hot to turn on the oven) can finally be made! And nothing enhances a good book like the irresistible aroma of something warm, buttery, and fruity slowly baking to golden perfection. Even if you’re not much of a baker, this easy and basic fruit crisp recipe is pretty much foolproof. Don’t feel like peeling apples? Dump in a bag of frozen mixed berries! I won’t tell! And with [...]

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