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For Valentine’s Day, A Blind Date with a Book

The Seattle Public Library is doing a cute Valentine’s Day event this year: a “blind date with a book.” Read the titillating descriptions, check out your brown-bagged mystery date, and take it home. (Or just go somewhere for coffee and get to know each other! I don't want to rush you.) I’m pretty promiscuous when it comes to books — at least three or four at a time — so I decided to cheat on my to-read stack and give the blind-date thing a try. As with any first date, I was prepared to be open-minded and not to judge [...]

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Reading List: Girls, Abducted

In recent years, there’s been a bumper crop of books — fiction and nonfiction — about young women being held against their will. Because I am a terrible person, I developed an unhealthy interest in the subject and ended up reading quite a few of these books, so I’m now qualified to present a list of some of the most riveting titles for anyone who shares my creepy fascination. Plus, we’ll look at a couple of forthcoming additions slated for 2015 and beyond. My Story Author: Elizabeth Smart I’m now old enough to play the “Where was I when…” game, [...]

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Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo

A Pretty Good Tour of Tokyo Author: Matthew Amster-Burton In theory, I want to go to Japan. It’s always seemed like an exotic and interesting destination, and I have a personal connection: my mom is Japanese and was born there. But the double linguistic whammy of a foreign language and a foreign alphabet, plus a national diet of all the scariest, most unidentifiable brown stringy things in my grandma’s fridge, was… intimidating, to say the least. If nothing else, I owe food writer and fellow Seattleite Matthew Amster-Burton a great debt for making Japan sound navigable, friendly, and downright tasty [...]

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