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valentine’s day

More Anti-Valentine’s Day Books

For Valentine's Haters Only A certain hearts-and-flowers holiday is almost upon us, anti-Valentine's-Day readers! Despite supposedly being about showing love, Valentine’s Day manages to inspire a fair bit of hate from singles and non-singles alike. If anything pink or red makes you snarl at this time of year, come right this way — we’ve put together a distinctly unromantic reading list just for you. If that’s not enough hate, check out our original anti-Valentine’s reading list and maybe our post-breakup reading list, too. Big Little Lies Author: Liane Moriarty Here’s proof that everyone’s relationships, however seemingly perfect, are all full [...]

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For Valentine’s Day, A Blind Date with a Book

The Seattle Public Library is doing a cute Valentine’s Day event this year: a “blind date with a book.” Read the titillating descriptions, check out your brown-bagged mystery date, and take it home. (Or just go somewhere for coffee and get to know each other! I don't want to rush you.) I’m pretty promiscuous when it comes to books — at least three or four at a time — so I decided to cheat on my to-read stack and give the blind-date thing a try. As with any first date, I was prepared to be open-minded and not to judge [...]

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Bookish Baking: Valentine’s Day Bloody Cupcakes

Here at Readers Lane, we have a conflicted-at-best approach to commercialized “holidays” such as Valentine’s Day. But no matter how you feel about February 14, we have a one-size-fits-all recipe for your valentine: Bloody Cupcakes! (Yes, it’s a Martha Stewart recipe. Don’t cross her.) Aggravated at your spouse? Seethingly resentful toward your ungrateful kids? Need the perfect stalkerish snack to leave on your ex’s doorstep? These frightening little cakes, impaled with bloody shards of sugar “glass,” will say it all for you. Of course, the cake part is really just a standard vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting — the [...]

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