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My Next 5 Books (According to the Seattle Public Library)

One of the niftier services offered by the Seattle Public Library is Your Next 5, where a librarian creates a custom reading list for you based on what you’ve been reading and what you like. Having just recently discovered Kage Baker’s funny, light-hearted, yet touching fantasy novels, I was eager to see what they’d recommend, so I asked for “fantasy novels with rich world-building and a sarcastic/humorous narrative voice.” The results were pretty spot-on! I enjoyed the His Majesty’s Dragon series, and I love Robin Hobb (which I probably should have mentioned in my request). I’ve tried the Amber novels [...]

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Thanksgiving Books for Kids

I’m not even done pawing through the Halloween clearance candy and it’s already almost Thanksgiving! If you, like me, will be taking on turkey-dinner hosting duties this year, here’s a selection of books to throw at the kids to keep them busy while you’re trussing up birds, toasting bread cubes, and trying to figure out where in the hell the gizzards went. The First Thanksgiving: A Lift-the-Flap Book This board book is intended for readers young enough to be more interested in chewing on the book than reading it, so you’ll have to forgive its rather cheery and glossed-over treatment [...]

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Reading List: Video Games and Virtual Worlds

Reading about video games may sound like about as much fun as, well, watching someone else play a video game. But trust us, these sci-fi novels capture the excitement, humor, and adventure of an addictive video game — without the frustration of dying 50 times in a row against an unbeatable boss. Did we miss your favorite video-game novel? Add it in the comments! Ready Player One, Ernest Cline In the year 2044, overcrowding and urban blight has made real life so ugly that most people escape into OASIS, a virtual universe where you can be anything you want to [...]

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