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3 Tasty Cookbooks for Fall Baking

There’s no book so good that it can’t be improved with a hot beverage and a freshly baked treat! I’m delighted when the weather cools off and my baking sheets come out — that means it’s time for months of cakes, pies, scones, cookies, and breads. Whether you’re a beginning baker who’s just getting started or an experienced cook who’s looking for new recipes to try, these cookbooks should keep you busy with a season’s worth of goodies. If you’re extra-organized, you can even get started on holiday baking and freeze extra batches; I promise to be deeply impressed and [...]

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Bookish Baking: The Cozy Fruit Crisp

Fall is when my reading — and baking — really kick into high gear. All the delicious-looking recipes I tore out of magazines during the summer (you know, when it was too hot to turn on the oven) can finally be made! And nothing enhances a good book like the irresistible aroma of something warm, buttery, and fruity slowly baking to golden perfection. Even if you’re not much of a baker, this easy and basic fruit crisp recipe is pretty much foolproof. Don’t feel like peeling apples? Dump in a bag of frozen mixed berries! I won’t tell! And with [...]

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Bookish Baking: Valentine’s Day Bloody Cupcakes

Here at Readers Lane, we have a conflicted-at-best approach to commercialized “holidays” such as Valentine’s Day. But no matter how you feel about February 14, we have a one-size-fits-all recipe for your valentine: Bloody Cupcakes! (Yes, it’s a Martha Stewart recipe. Don’t cross her.) Aggravated at your spouse? Seethingly resentful toward your ungrateful kids? Need the perfect stalkerish snack to leave on your ex’s doorstep? These frightening little cakes, impaled with bloody shards of sugar “glass,” will say it all for you. Of course, the cake part is really just a standard vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting — the [...]

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