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Spies, Necromancers, and the Undead Author: Brian Lumley It’s Cold War days and the soviets have a secret program with a powerful weapon: a necromancer named Boris Dragosani. Part spy, part eater of the dead, Dragosani rips secrets from his enemies in the most painful and visceral of ways. Nothing is hidden from him. The problem? Dragosani has his own secrets, and his power is hardly natural. In his free time, he returns to an isolated part of the Balkan Mountains where he confers with one of the ancient undead, a creature he thinks that he can outsmart. Meanwhile in America, [...]

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Vampire of the Mists

A Tragic Love, a Beautiful Vengeance Author: Christie Golden Jander Sunstar, a gold elf, remembers and longs for the sun, but his world is all darkness and death now. He lives on blood, undead and forever outcast. Only fear stops him from stepping into the sun one last time, fear that he might actually become something far worse than a vampire after his final death. But he tries to do little harm: drinking the blood of animals and rarely mixing with humans, until one night he finds a lovely woman in an insane asylum. She is the only good, innocent thing [...]

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Book Trailer: The Eternity Cure

Vampires! I think we can all agree that they’re drastically underrepresented in young-adult fiction, right? Well, never fear, New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa has come to our rescue with a vampy dystopian trilogy, the Blood of Eden series. Book 1, The Immortal Rules, came out in 2012, and Book 2, The Eternity Cure, will be out on April 30. Until then, we can take a peek at the book trailer for a hint about what to expect. (New to book trailers? See our book trailer guide.) In this trailer, captions fly over some pleasingly spooky digital animation, giving [...]

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