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Carnival of Fear

Justice for the Damned Author: J. Robert King In Carnival l’Morai you can see your dreams and nightmares. You can see horrors and oddities, performances and putrescences, life and death. No one knows this better than Marie, the beautiful blind juggler. But, despite the roughness of this life, the performers (called freaks) have a close-knit network, a friendliness that helps them through the judgement and the days and nights filled with jeering crowds. But everything changes when Marie goes into her caravan one night only to find the walls and floor coated in blood, the sword swallower dead and impaled on [...]

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Heart of Midnight

Revenge and Werewolves Author:  J. Robert King All Casimir has ever wanted is revenge, at any cost. As a child, there were no games for him. Only thoughts and plans, vague memories of the night his father killed his mother and tried, but failed, to kill him. For Casimir, stuck growing up in the orphanage with only one friend, there are other things as well. Darker things that no one knows, that no one suspects. Secrets in the night that leave him covered in blood by the morning, satiated on flesh but still longing for revenge. In Casimir’s part of [...]

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Knight of the Black Rose

The End of Lord Soth's Story Author: James Lowder Lord Soth was once a famous knight, but lust and pride took him down a dark path. Failing in his final mission to save his realm from the Cataclysm, he is now cursed to walk in undeath, tormented by the banshees who sing his misdeeds daily. Yet, the dark knight feels no sorrow for his fall, and there is no redemption, no wisdom, in his torments. Indeed, the centuries have only grown his obsession, and he is determined to send his ghostly seneschal into the realms of hell to retrieve the [...]

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