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King of Sting

An Australian Con-Man and the Podcaster Who Wants to Expose Him Author: Justin Armsden I am back-at it with my freebie Audible true-crime podcasts. King of Sting was a new kind of listen for me. I’m going to be honest, and sound unintelligent while doing so, but white collar crime, specifically money crime, confuses and bores me. I debated on downloading this one for that reason. It may be all James Bond high-flying shenanigans to everyone else, but I am usually left in the dark saying, “wait, break down everything he just did and the math and how that worked [...]

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Dead in the Dirt

Amanda vs Gangsters Author: Connie Feddersen When Amanda Hazard goes for a visit to her client, Wilbur Bloom, she’s surprised to discover him dead in the dirt. Amanda’s even more surprised when she goes into his crumbling house to call the police and beyond the first two destitute rooms locates a treasure trove of high-tech equipment and good living. Something is definitely off, from the murder to Will’s falsified taxes, and Amanda has a sneaking suspicion that she’s the only one who can trace Will’s delinquency all the way back to his at-large killer. Nick Thorn, Amanda’s sometimes love interest and [...]

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Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist

Murder in Cyprus By: M.C. Beaton  Jilted at the alter when her presumably dead ex-husband reappears, Agatha is now off to Cyprus in pursuit of James Lacey, her cold ex-fiancé. Taking a break from seeking her love, Agatha lets her guard down for a pleasant cruise only to become involved with two groups of tourists: the one is a snobbish couple and the second a middle-class group of wealthy tourists lead by the ever flirtatious Rose. Falling into the lure of the dreamy vacation world, Agatha is far more concerned about her waning love life than her companions’ intrigues – [...]

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