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Black Death: The World’s Most Devastating Plague, The

An Engaging Deep-Dive Into History Author: Dorsey Armstrong Browsing through the Audible catalog one day, I ran across Dorsey Armstrong’s 24 lecture series on the Black Death. The Black Death shaped so much of what we call modern day society, and the ramifications and horrors of a world-wide plague continue to (rightfully) scare us to this day. Even those of us who aren’t especially intrigued by history find the Black Death equal parts interesting and ultimately terrifying. After all, the Covid-19 pandemic proved that the days of worldwide sickness are far from behind us, especially since we live and breathe in [...]

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Daughter of Doctor Moreau, The

A Less Animalistic Retelling Author: Silvia Moreno-Garcia He claims to be running a sanatorium in the Yaxaktun jungle, but what he is really doing is far more secretive and more disturbing. Dr. Moreau is an outcast scientist, a man who is trying to create the perfect human/animal hybrid. And here, buried in the jungle, away from the eyes of the law, he has free reign to keep creating, to keep experimenting. In the jungle, Dr. Moreau has few helpers. He has his sickly daughter, Carlotta, now a nearly grown woman, who works with the hybrids – his failed experiments – [...]

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Revelations & Revenge Author: Dawn Lee McKenna With a hurricane just offshore and Wyatt hours away in the hospital, preparing for surgery, Maggie is on her own. She must prep her house, lock up her chickens safely (including the difficult to catch Stoopid), and shoo her two children into the car. They must leave Apalachicola before the hurricane hits. So far everything is going according to plan. During Wyatt’s last phone call Maggie was already packed and settling just a few of the last-minute necessities before hitting the road. But when the next day comes, and Maggie and family aren’t there [...]

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