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I Owe You One

Destiny or Duty? Author: Sophie Kinsella Fixie is all about family. She is, after all, the fixer. The responsible one. The quite one. The one who cleans up messes. So, when Fixie’s mom, who runs the family’s store, is forced by her health to go on an extended holiday, Fixie is all about keeping the family enterprise together. But her siblings have other plans. Her flighty sister is only interested in yoga and avoiding her husband. Fixie’s brother is worse: his bad business deals could put the family store – their dad’s life’s work and legacy – under. But while Fixie [...]

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Love Your Life

Love is . . . a country? Author: Sophie Kinsella Romance was already in Ava’s mind when she began the writing retreat. Before leaving she’d discussed it with her friends. How love is not something you can stipulate with an app that dictates everything from height to distance, but something that happens, organically. Something that doesn’t bow to “deal breakers” or preferences. So, when the neighboring martial arts class ends up joining the writer’s retreat, Ava soon abandons her novel in-progress for a Mediterranean fling. Only she’s convinced it’s the real thing. Part of the retreat is to use fake names, [...]

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I Give Up

Why it’s perfectly acceptable to throw that book across the room. I read a lot of books (although not on the Kindle). But I also don’t read a lot of books – all the way to the end, that is. It’s taken many years and hundreds of hours ill-spent on books that turned out to be a waste of my time, but I’ve finally learned how to set down a plodding novel or a dull biography without guilt and never look back. You can do it, too! It doesn’t get better. A friend of mine has a strict 50-page trial [...]

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