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A Bad Match

Today was the official launch of Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program, which allows you to buy inexpensive ($3 or less) e-book versions of print books that you’ve previously purchased. They were bragging that over 70,000 titles were already available, and I was pretty excited to see which e-books I’d be eligible for — particularly because many of the books I buy on Amazon are gifts, and so I don’t actually have a copy of them at all. Since I almost always feel the evil temptation to gently, carefully read a book before giving it as a present, I wouldn’t have to [...]

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Free E-books? Check Facebook!

How about a free Kindle e-book* to start off your weekend? Check out our Facebook page to get your free copy of Through a Glass Darkly, a historical bodice-ripper stuffed full of gowns, jewels, and forbidden passion. And don't forget to Like us while you're there — you'll get additional book-related content, notifications of our new reviews, and more free goodies! *E-book prices can change frequently, so be sure to double-check the price before you click to purchase.

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Beyond Books: 7 Services You May Not Know Your Library Offers

Sure, everyone knows you can borrow books from a library; that’s pretty much the textbook definition (ahaha). But you may not realize the wide range of helpful services, free programs, and other resources that your local library also offers. This is especially great for students, the unemployed/underemployed, or anyone who’s watching their budget, which is basically everyone these days. (These services are available at the admittedly superior Seattle Public Library, but your library may have even more freebies and events — check them out!) 1. Ask a librarian: You can chat online or even text them a question. Librarians are online 24/7/365 [...]

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