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A Bad Match

Today was the official launch of Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook program, which allows you to buy inexpensive ($3 or less) e-book versions of print books that you’ve previously purchased. They were bragging that over 70,000 titles were already available, and I was pretty excited to see which e-books I’d be eligible for — particularly because many of the books I buy on Amazon are gifts, and so I don’t actually have a copy of them at all. Since I almost always feel the evil temptation to gently, carefully read a book before giving it as a present, I wouldn’t have to [...]

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Free E-books? Check Facebook!

How about a free Kindle e-book* to start off your weekend? Check out our Facebook page to get your free copy of Through a Glass Darkly, a historical bodice-ripper stuffed full of gowns, jewels, and forbidden passion. And don't forget to Like us while you're there — you'll get additional book-related content, notifications of our new reviews, and more free goodies! *E-book prices can change frequently, so be sure to double-check the price before you click to purchase.

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Going Places

I'm about to hit another milestone of Kindle ownership: taking it on its maiden voyage. And I can't wait! I subscribe to a lot of magazines, which tend to pile up when things get busy, so long flights are a glorious chance to sit down with a six-inch-high stack of them and plow my way through one after another, planting them in seat-back pockets as I go like Johnny Appleread. So don't get me wrong, I'll definitely be bringing some magazines, because there's nothing quite like the guilty pleasure of leafing through makeup how-tos and fashion don'ts at 30,000 feet. BUT. [...]

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