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Just in Case

As with all devices, buying my Kindle was just the beginning. The real fun is in the accessories! At the bare minimum, I needed a sleeve or cover to hold my e-reader so I can throw it in my bag for the daily commute or travel. I really liked the classic unisex styling of this tweed herringbone zip sleeve, though there are plenty of girly options for those who want to put a bird on it (or a neon zebra, for that matter). Beautiful fabrics and patterns abound, of course. For a more literary look, you can also encase your [...]

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My Kindle Honeymoon: The First 30 Days

Reader, I ordered it! The Amazon Kindle Touch, that is, after a ton of agonizing and soul-searching over whether I'd be contributing to the death of print books. I got some flak for not going with the Kindle Fire, but I really wanted an easy-on-the-eyes e-reader, not a glowing LED tablet-lite. Like any new partnership, it's been a journey of learning (occasionally, a casual swipe will do something completely unexpected, like return to the beginning of the chapter or, you know, some random location within the book), but I think we'll be able to cohabitate quite harmoniously. Here's what I've [...]

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I Give Up

Why it’s perfectly acceptable to throw that book across the room. I read a lot of books (although not on the Kindle). But I also don’t read a lot of books – all the way to the end, that is. It’s taken many years and hundreds of hours ill-spent on books that turned out to be a waste of my time, but I’ve finally learned how to set down a plodding novel or a dull biography without guilt and never look back. You can do it, too! It doesn’t get better. A friend of mine has a strict 50-page trial [...]

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