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Find Me in the Club

Earlier this week, I mentioned that I was contemplating going to my first-ever book club. Reader, I attended it! I was actually feeling kind of 50/50 about going, thanks to the pouring rain and the May Day mayhem, but whenever I have to force myself up and out of the house to go somewhere, I'm almost always glad I did. Sadly, since this wasn't a group of friends meeting at someone's home, there was a lot less wine and chips 'n' dip than I would have liked, but you can't have everything. The group was small — only about 5 [...]

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I’m Joining a Book Club. Maybe.

I never thought this day would come, but it looks like I might finally be joining a book club. Specifically, the Elliott Bay Book Company's book club, which is open to the public. Here's what I like about their group: Although you're supposed to RSVP, it's an opt-in type of gathering — your attendance is not mandatory at each one, so if you don't like the book of the month, you can just skip it. No pressure to read someone else's crappy choice! They seem to choose mostly literary fiction and classics, which is probably a good motivator for me to [...]

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I Give Up

Why it’s perfectly acceptable to throw that book across the room. I read a lot of books (although not on the Kindle). But I also don’t read a lot of books – all the way to the end, that is. It’s taken many years and hundreds of hours ill-spent on books that turned out to be a waste of my time, but I’ve finally learned how to set down a plodding novel or a dull biography without guilt and never look back. You can do it, too! It doesn’t get better. A friend of mine has a strict 50-page trial [...]

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