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Getting Trashy

…Trashy reading, that is! (For once, I’m not editorializing: I mean books about landfills, recycling, and garbage.) “You only like to read about bummers,” says my boyfriend disapprovingly. He’s not wrong — last year’s hoarding obsession seems to have evolved into my current fixation with garbage and waste. (I even bought myself some garbage socks.) But it’s so interesting! Our modern, convenience-heavy lives create so much waste (plastic packaging, spoiled or uneaten food, cheap fashion from discount chains, and don’t get me started on e-waste), and as far as most of us are concerned, we dump it in the trash [...]

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Why I (Still) Don’t Have a Kindle

Update: Reader, I purchased one! Read all about my still-going-strong love affair with my Kindle Touch. For the last several years, I’ve had to gently remind friends, coworkers, and family that I don’t own an iPhone. (Until 2011, in fact, I didn’t even have a smartphone – more on that later – and now that I finally do, it’s actually an Android.) “You don’t?” they would say, in tones ranging from confusion to accusation. “Sure you do – I’ve seen you use it!” Actually, what they saw was me using my distinctly less fancy, wifi-powered iTouch (which I only own [...]

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